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Teresa M.

My favorite outdoor activity is running of course.


My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and photography. Working on adding trail running to that list.

Tif Calder

On my own, my favorite outdoor activity is running. But with the family it would be playing in the river!

Dana Squires

I like to walk with my toddler or go run by myself. Hiking is something me and my husband enjoy


I love to run outside.  But I also love playing in our creek with the kids and the dogs-we all come home nasty muddy, soaking wet and exhausted.  Doesn't matter, it's always worth it!

Lisa Jones

I love to run outside. I love taking my son to the Botanical Gardens and Zoo too for some outside play time.

Michele Munguia

Swimming or going to the park with my kids! Smile

Kimberly S

I love walking and running outside, but my favorite activity would have to be playing with my kids!!  

Carrie Davis

I <3 to run outside! I sign up and complete at least ONE 5K per month for this past year and haven't missed one yet!! Also love to go hiking!!


My favorite outdoor activity is hiking!  When I can't hike, though, I like to take my dog for a walk or go for a run.


Fav outdoor activity is a pretty even tie with #trailrunning and #hiking.   I live in the Pacific NW so just step out my door to endless miles of trails!!  Always looking for new gear!


I also like to swim.


My favorite outdoor activity is running! Smile


My favor outdoor activity is running. Since I started running, I've become totally addicted to it. Kayaking and hiking are also high on the list.


Running with my family and friends as much as possible!


I love walking and running with my husband. I am getting ready to participate in my first 5K!

Theresa Kavouras

RUNNING! I like to runnnnnn!

Katie Hughes

I love to run and spend the day at the beach!!

Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer

My favorite activity outside is running.  ESPECIALLY when one of my kids goes with me.  Like yesterday, I went for a 4 mile run and then my 5 year old daughter went on a 1 mile run with me.  And it was her idea to run the mile with me, otherwise I would have run the 5 miles before heading home.


I love going for runs in the woods!

Jill W.

I love to run outside!  It's easy to do and relieves stress.  

Carrie H

Running of course!!

Erica W

I love to run outside in any weather, except for thunder and lightning. It gives me a great appreciation for Mother Nature's gym and every day I wake up!


I love being outside - running, hiking, swimming, walking, gardening.  


MY fave activities are running, rowing and swimming Smile

Jessica Brinks

I would LOVE a new pair of shoes!!!!  I need to replace mine!

Tara Funair

I have really taken to jogging. I never thought it would be something I enjoy but I do !

Louise Bourque Cunningham

My fave outdoor activity is running, and biking is a close second!


My favorite outdoor activity: running! Always! Close #2 hiking. Love being out in nature and both those activities makes me feel wonderful Smile

Elena Vo

Kickball with my kids and their friends! Always so much fun.

Nathan the FFK

Trail running in this lovely Florida heat!

Jamie Reilly

My favorite outdoor activity is swimming!!!  Followed closely by long walks with the family.

mica butterwood

Favorite outdoor activity ....I tolerate running, but I love reading outside.  Lame?  maybe but it's relaxing watching the world go by while enjoying a good book

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