Healthy Back to School Lunch Options-Giveaway

School starts in my area in only 2 weeks!!

I pack lunch for my kids every single day. Generally they always take a thermos full of soup or pasta, and then I freeze GoGoSqueez and Chobani Champions and by the time lunch rolls around the items are defrosted and they are cold! This helps to keep their carrots and ranch dip cold, too!!

Would you like a chance to win a CASE of GoGoSqueez  Apple Apple AND Chobani Champions TUBES for your back to school lunch routine??

It's easy!! Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!!

Good luck!


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  • Kim
    Our favorite lunch items are yogurts and ants on a logSmile
  • My kids LOVE to have grapes or applesauce in their lunch.
  • PB sammies (whole grain)!
  • Got a few more weeks, but love to have healthy options for school lunch!
  • Fruit snacks!
  • My kiddos love when I freeze yogurt tubes.  And pre cut their sandwiches (crusts off of course!) lol!
  • My boys love GO-GO and Chobani!
  • My son loves those squeeze fruit purees (I think they're called mashables?)
  • Fruit is my favorite healthy thing to pack.
  • My girls love fruit!!
  • My favorite healthy snack to pack is almonds or cashews.
    I've used the applesauce pouches instead of energy gels for long runs- works great and I don't undo healthy choices!
  • Hummus and celery is my favorite.
  • I usually pack fruit and cottage cheese!
  • Fruit!
  • Fruits and healthy snacks
  • Almonds with raisins on celery.  No mess ants on a log
  • My kids love gogo squeezes! Bananas are my fav thing to pack.
  • Trail mixSmile
  • PB&J rollups on a low carb tortilla
  • hummus and peppers - and cheese
  • Grapes are so juicy and delicious for them!
  • I love packing fresh fruit and veggies in my kids and husbands lunchs.
  • A fruit and nut granola bar is tasty and trail mix too!
  • Summer fresh strawberries are so sweet and juicy for lunch! Thank you!
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