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People often ask me “how did you do it?”  By “it”, I’m referring to losing 212 pounds. Two people. More than half of myself. So how did I do it? I did it with the tremendous support of my family; mainly my husband, James. James was there with me every step of the way. From the day he brought me home the gym membership in October, 2008 to the day I reached my goal weight in April, 2011, he was there. Sure, he wasn’t physically there at the gym pushing me, coaching me, he didn’t attend my weekly Weight Watchers meetings, but he was there where it mattered most; in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. I could hear his voice telling me that he was so proud of me. I could see that pride reflected in his eyes as he looked at me. And that pride empowered me. It gave me the courage to push myself further, to try a little bit harder. Not only for my husband, but also for myself.

His pride gave me my pride back. It had been a long time since I felt proud of ME!  Sure, I had three great kids that I was raising and I was proud of THEM. But I didn’t do anything that was all mine. All for me. And suddenly I was. I took my life back. I spent 36 years of my life just moving through the motions. A bystander in my own life. But I knew how my story would end if I didn’t change and I was determined to rewrite the chapters. And I did.

When you begin your own journey, make sure you have a support system in place.  It doesn’t have to be your spouse. It can be a friend, a relative, a sibling. You want someone that can give you a “thatagirl” when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore. As I started to lose weight and gain pride, I also started to develop confidence. With this confidence I started to reach out to more people to bring into my support network. Social networking on Facebook and Twitter became a huge source of support for me. I had people from all over the United States cheering me on.  It was encouraging and inspirational. I also reached out to the group fitness instructors and other members at my gym. But times change and a lot of those members and instructors have moved on to other things, and so have I, though I'll always have those memories!! And I can’t forget about my fellow Weight Watchers members and my leader. They were my anchors. They kept me grounded and reminded me of how far I’ve come.

The first step to a successful weight loss journey is putting your support system in place. Look in places you’d expect, but also in places that you might not. What you find just might surprise you.

Here I am with James (and my mom) on my 37 birthday in 2008. I am pretty close to my heaviest weight ever (not including pregnancy.)

And recently on the 4th of July.  I know he loves me as much now as "fit Jenny" as he did when I was "fat Jenny" but what's key is that I love myself more, and that love transfers over in to other areas of my life.

I now find support and accountability from my workout buddies at CrossFit En Fuego. Watching strong women get stronger is SO MOTIVATING!!

  and from my running and cycling buddy Denise from RunDMT. Denise is an early riser, so she keeps me accountable for those early morning workouts. She's also a speedy runner, so she helps to inspire me to run faster!

Do you have a support system in place? Who helps keep you accountable??

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  • A support system is so important! I'm between supports at the moment & too many things sliding this summer (health, art, blogging, etc). Have to get back on the wagon soon. By the way, always enjoy your positive attitude and inspiring story
  • Oh mama!  This made my day!  You have no idea how inspiring you are to others.  I may be your supoprt systerm but you are equally mine.  Thank you for making me find my strength and push myself to a fitness level I never thought possible.  You are a gem! xox
  • Kat
    I couldn't agree more! It's so tough to find the energy to wake up and do the work sometimes, but true honest support makes us ACCOUNTABLE! If it weren't for hubby being my bike body guard through marathon training I wouldn' t be where I am today
  • You have done amazing!

    Here's to a healthy you!
  • This is always nice to find GREAT support system!
  • This is a great post. You're exactly right that it can't be done without a support system. My husband and also a few great friends help me every step of the way. I know that my husband is proud of me, and I love seeing that. It pushes me even more. You do look so so great Jenny. I love the new photo at the top right too!
  • My husband is my support, and I am his. Although I need to gain a few pounds, I have been helping him lose weight by feeding him right and giving him smaller (normal) portions.
  • Love this post! My hubby is wonderful support. He cheers me on and is proud of me. He goes to the bridge with me when it's dark and early and doesn't want me to run alone. And he loves me every step of the way. It sounds like we are pretty lucky, huh? Smile
  • My kids and my mom is my support system. If it wasn't for them I don't know. It takes a village definitely. I have 4 wonderful kids and my mother has always been there for me and them. ❤Them all! Can't forget my sister as well!! ❤❤❤
  • Congrats on your tremendous weight loss! That is amazing! I've lost 65 lbs in my journey and have at least 40 more to go. My biggest support is my best friends, they are always there to encourage me and to talk me out of the mcdonalds drive through when I need it Smile
  • Congrats on your progress! I could not do what I love and accomplish my goals without the support and encouragement of my husband and 2 kids. They're my rock, my voice of reason and my rational thinkers Smile
  • So inspiring! And you're absolutely right about the support system - they make everything possible! Congratulations on your amazing achievement!
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