Having a TV Crew in Your House!

I had TV cameras and a crew in my house in November 2011 when I filmed a segment for the Rachael Ray show.

It seemed to go pretty quickly and my mom and husband were here acting as "baby wranglers" so it really wasn't all that difficult or challenging. True, I had just home (literally, I was home for 25 minutes before Rachael Ray's people showed up!!) after spending a week in Beverly Hills working on the 2012 Believe Campaign with Jennifer Hudson, so my endorphins were still flying pretty high, so that might also have something to do with how great I was feeling!

This week I had a TV Crew and TV cameras in my house again. This time we were filming a series of news promos for our local CBS Affiliate Channel 10 News.

They were scheduled to be here at 10:30am, and it was expected to last 3 hours. I had an engagement that evening to attend a cocktail party for Bethenney Frankel, and needed to be ready to leave the house by 5:15pm, so I figured I had plenty of time.

The crew arrived and immediately began setting up!

And then I got a quick peek at their agenda. It was long. And filming was going to take place in multiple rooms of the house. My bedroom, my bed, my bathroom, the kitchen, the kids bedrooms, my living room. Multiple scenes in multiple rooms. I don't have a big house, and they had big equipment, and I have a big dog. Tongue Out To say this was a challenging experience is an understatement!! But we made it work!!

We shot my bedroom and bathroom scenes first. This took like 2 hours. Surprised  It was funny! I had to put on my nightgown and pretend to be waking up, turning on my bedroom light, hitting the alarm clock, then getting out of bed, going in to the bathroom, brushing my hair like I was getting ready for work. What made this take so long? A lot of it had to do with the lighting. Our bedroom is very dark (blackout curtains, dark tinted sliding glass doors) and so they had a lot of things they needed to do to make it do-able. And then nearly the opposite in my bathroom! My bathroom is very light.

After the bed/bath scenes I had to change out of my PJ's and dress in business professional attire. This was a bit of stretch for me since I normally wear workout clothing ALL THE TIME! Wink But I found something suitable (no pun intended) and off I went to make pancakes, coffee, and get my little munchkins ready for their scenes! The kitchen scenes took another 2 or so hours. We were quickly off our 3 hour schedule! All this hard work made Matthew very sleepy!

My girls normally L.O.V.E pancakes. It's their favorite food. But after having to do so many takes of them eating pancakes, I started to hear moans of "NO MORE PANCAKES" and they resorted to taking "baby bites." It was pretty comical.

Ronin played along for one quick scene but got quickly bored and spent the afternoon playing with his little friend up the street.

After the kitchen we moved in to the girls' bedroom scenes! This moved pretty quickly!

Then it was time to film me watching the traffic and weather on TV. This is where my acting skills came in to play. Or should I say lack of acting skills! This took some time. Then came the girls and I walking in and out of the house, the girls waiting at the bus stop, and me driving to work! Whew!! We wrapped up at 4:45pm!! Just a little behind schedule Wink

You can see the first three promos here:

30 second promo:

15 second promo:

15 second promo:


Overall, this was a SUPER COOL experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat, though it did make me realize what it must be like to film a reality show. Wozers!!

Thanks to my friends over at News Channel 10 for coming in to my house and working so well with us!

Have you ever had a TV Crew in your house?? What for?? How did it go?? Leave me a link in the comments so I can go and check you out!!

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  • Wow!  I can't imagine being on TV, let alone for the Rachel Ray show!  I work in a bookstore, and her cookbooks always make me stop and read.
  • I love you. I wish I could make us some money doing all of this <3
  • I love you too. Very proud of you. Tired of you/us doing all this stuff for no money. We have kids to feed, clothe and put through college. None of this free stuff anymore.
  • I hate having people in my house. I would never be able to have a camera crew over!
  • I think I would go crazy having so many people in my home, but it would be SO cool!
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