Win a Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

It's no secret that I love my Polar Products. In fact, I did a blog post all about how that piece of technology changed my life.

I love being able to share my love of Polar with my readers. In celebration of my FIRST major speaking engagement, which was sponsored by Polar, I have a FT7 heart rate monitor to give to one of my readers!

The FT7 has 5 key features:

In addition, if you choose to buy the Flow Link you will have access to Polar Personal Trainer and the FT7 will enable you to do even more. For example,

This really is a great product for the fitness buff who is wanting to take their training to the next level!

It's easy to enter! Many options you can do on a daily basis to increase YOUR odds of winning! May the odds be ever in your favor. Wink

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  • Les Mills classes are my favorite form of exercise
  • I love group exercise the most!
  • The FT7 would really help take my training to the next level!  I love POLAR products!
  • I have been really wanting one!
  • My favorite form of exercise is running...thats why a polar would be awesome!
  • Ive been thinking of buying one of these
  • and my favorite exercise is yoga
  • I do a little bit of everything and would love to see and know how many calories I am burning.  Thank you!!
  • I love cardio on my elliptical!!!!
  • My fav form of exercise is zumba!!!
  • My fav form of excercise is zumba
  • I love good old walking, since right now at the beginning of my journey that is mostly all I can do.
  • Preggo right now and can't do anything too intense because of my high blood pressure so I guess my favorite exercise right now is my nightly walk with my 2 1/2 year old. Smile
  • I love yoga and running!
  • Pam
    I love doing Pilates, walking or Jilluan Michaels Body Revolution.
  • Running and spinning and lifting weights!
  • Hi Jenny!  I would LOVE to win this Polar FT7 HRM!!!!  I am currently doing ChaLEAN Extreme!  I'm in the PUSH phase right now!  Love it!  I also do Zumba for Wii sometimes!  So much fun!  Smile
  • Jeb
    Would love this to help me track my running. Just started over a month ago and I love it!
  • My favorite form of exercise is walking.
  • my fav exercise is i started zumba i recently started insanity w a friend this would help me alot in my weight loss
  • My favorite exercise as of right now is running, well training for half marathon and HITT training via Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.
  • Right now I'm enjoying speed walking while pushing my daughter in her stroller!
  • I have always wanted an HRM so I can have an accurate count of the calories I've burned as opposed to an estimate.
  • I'm a runner, but I also have been enjoying Jillian Michaels' 40-day shred.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win!Smile This would help me so much in my journey!
  • I love boxing and martial arts inspired workouts!
  • I LOVE my ShaunT workouts! Running and soccer Smilei
  • I would love to win!  Thanksgiving the opportunity!
  • I was just looking at buying one of these! I would love to have one as I take swimming, my current band doesn't track that.
  • Zumba!!
  • Pick me!!! Pick me!!! I would love to win!!
  • Oh, I would soooo love to win this!  I would love to better track my workouts more accurately and have that visible motivation.  My favorite workouts currently are Cellercise/Bellicon, Oxycise, and ballet/dance DVDs.
  • My favorite form of exercise is Zumba!  I love to dance and act silly with my girl friends.  I also do strength training in the gym because I know I need to, but I can't say I really love it.  I do it because I am committed to a healthier life and I feel great afterwards!
  • Want a polar sooooooo bad!! Would love to win this!
  • My favorite form of exercise is running!!
  • I love running and P90X just about equally!
  • My favorite form of exercise is Crossfit.  There are days, though rare, when every thing clicks and running sets me free.
  • Nothing makes me sweat like a good jaunt on the elliptical!
  • I have been wanting one of these for a long time! Thanks for the opportunity!
  • I love body pump and weight machines.
  • I love running and lifting.
  • I Love weight training the most!
  • HIIT, Running, Biking, Tabata - I like to mix it up to keep it interesting.
  • Interval training and kettlebell training!
  • My Polar HRM is from about 2006 & is on it's last leg...I'd love to upgrade & take my training to a whole new level!  Smile
  • Oh, and my favorite type of exercise is any type of group class...Zumba, step, sculpting!
  • My favorite form of exercise is any that my children can join in as well!
  • i lift weights and run. i also really like to go for daily walks
  • I like Turbo Fire and Zumba!  
  • Great giveaway thanks Jennt!
  • Running with my two girls in the double stroller Smile so fun!
  • Running is my fav exercise
  • amy
    my favorite exercise is TRX!!
  • Tif
    I've become a running junkie. But I love me a good sweaty lifting session, too!
  • My favorite exercise is Zumba.  And this is on my wish list for Christmas.
  • My favorite exercise is walking. I walk up to 8 miles every week.
  • My favorite exercise is running.
  • I enjoy spinning and zumba and I have wanted one of these
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