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7. September 2013 10:57
by jennifer

Win a Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

7. September 2013 10:57 by jennifer | 73 Comments

It's no secret that I love my Polar Products. In fact, I did a blog post all about how that piece of technology changed my life.

I love being able to share my love of Polar with my readers. In celebration of my FIRST major speaking engagement, which was sponsored by Polar, I have a FT7 heart rate monitor to give to one of my readers!

The FT7 has 5 key features:

In addition, if you choose to buy the Flow Link you will have access to Polar Personal Trainer and the FT7 will enable you to do even more. For example,

This really is a great product for the fitness buff who is wanting to take their training to the next level!

It's easy to enter! Many options you can do on a daily basis to increase YOUR odds of winning! May the odds be ever in your favor. Wink

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Comments (73) -

Rebecca Crawford

I love using TRX to exercise!!

Kelly Hassler

Les Mills classes are my favorite form of exercise


I love group exercise the most!

Tonya Pro

The FT7 would really help take my training to the next level!  I love POLAR products!

Christy R

I have been really wanting one!

Elizabeth Smith

My favorite form of exercise is running...thats why a polar would be awesome!


Ive been thinking of buying one of these


and my favorite exercise is yoga

Jennifer Medina

I do a little bit of everything and would love to see and know how many calories I am burning.  Thank you!!

Sarah K

I love cardio on my elliptical!!!!


My fav form of exercise is zumba!!!


My fav form of excercise is zumba

Crystal Mason

I love good old walking, since right now at the beginning of my journey that is mostly all I can do.

Tabitha Flannery

Preggo right now and can't do anything too intense because of my high blood pressure so I guess my favorite exercise right now is my nightly walk with my 2 1/2 year old. Smile

Kimberly S

I love yoga and running!

Ashley Durham

I love Les Mills Combat!

Katie Hughes

I love to run!

sally bowerman

Would love to try this!


I love doing Pilates, walking or Jilluan Michaels Body Revolution.

Jennifer McKinley

Love ZWOW & Crossfit style workouts!!

Laurel C

Running and spinning and lifting weights!

Michele Munguia

Hi Jenny!  I would LOVE to win this Polar FT7 HRM!!!!  I am currently doing ChaLEAN Extreme!  I'm in the PUSH phase right now!  Love it!  I also do Zumba for Wii sometimes!  So much fun!  Smile


Would love this to help me track my running. Just started over a month ago and I love it!

Molly Fatemi

My favorite form of exercise is walking.

amanda bagurdes

my fav exercise is i started zumba i recently started insanity w a friend this would help me alot in my weight loss

Dana Squires

My favorite exercise as of right now is running, well training for half marathon and HITT training via Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.

Alison Clark

Right now I'm enjoying speed walking while pushing my daughter in her stroller!

Heather Johnson

I enjoy walking, dancing, and yoga.


I have always wanted an HRM so I can have an accurate count of the calories I've burned as opposed to an estimate.

Sarah Franks

I'm a runner, but I also have been enjoying Jillian Michaels' 40-day shred.


Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win!Smile This would help me so much in my journey!

Susan Leonard

I love boxing and martial arts inspired workouts!

Rosi Tapia

I LOVE my ShaunT workouts! Running and soccer Smilei



Vanessa Jones

I love Zumba!!

Amy H.

I would love to win!  Thanksgiving the opportunity!

Jerriann Nelson

Walking with my husband

Melissa Rupe

I was just looking at buying one of these! I would love to have one as I take swimming, my current band doesn't track that.

Michele Millet

Pick me!!! Pick me!!! I would love to win!!

Kelly @ Leafy Not beefy

Oh, I would soooo love to win this!  I would love to better track my workouts more accurately and have that visible motivation.  My favorite workouts currently are Cellercise/Bellicon, Oxycise, and ballet/dance DVDs.

Melanie Limoges

My favorite form of exercise is Zumba!  I love to dance and act silly with my girl friends.  I also do strength training in the gym because I know I need to, but I can't say I really love it.  I do it because I am committed to a healthier life and I feel great afterwards!


Want a polar sooooooo bad!! Would love to win this!


My favorite form of exercise is running!!

Theresa Kavouras

I love running and P90X just about equally!


My favorite form of exercise is Crossfit.  There are days, though rare, when every thing clicks and running sets me free.


Nothing makes me sweat like a good jaunt on the elliptical!

Liane Caruso

I have been wanting one of these for a long time! Thanks for the opportunity!

Heather Pinto

I love body pump and weight machines.


I love running and lifting.

nikki raye

I Love weight training the most!


HIIT, Running, Biking, Tabata - I like to mix it up to keep it interesting.

Dawn Martin

Interval training and kettlebell training!


My Polar HRM is from about 2006 & is on it's last leg...I'd love to upgrade & take my training to a whole new level!  Smile


Oh, and my favorite type of exercise is any type of group class...Zumba, step, sculpting!

Candice Flores

My favorite form of exercise is any that my children can join in as well!

stacey h

i lift weights and run. i also really like to go for daily walks

Heather P

I like Turbo Fire and Zumba!  

Liz Lynch

Great giveaway thanks Jennt!

Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine

I love seeing your Polar pics so I think this would be a great add to my training!


Running with my two girls in the double stroller Smile so fun!


Running is my fav exercise


my favorite exercise is TRX!!


I've become a running junkie. But I love me a good sweaty lifting session, too!


My favorite exercise is Zumba.  And this is on my wish list for Christmas.

Marissa McKenna

My favorite exercise is walking. I walk up to 8 miles every week.

Clinton M

My favorite exercise is running.

Rachel Franks


Reesa Lewandowski

I like to do at home workouts!


I enjoy spinning and zumba and I have wanted one of these

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