Push Away the Screen: Staycation on Clearwater Beach

Living in the Sunshine State, surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water means that my family is very lucky. Why? Because, we don't have to travel far to play on Nature's Playground!

My family is excited to Push Away the Screen and head to Clearwater Beach to celebrate my husband's 43rd birthday! I have a fun weekend of activities planned for us.

We'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites. As I've mentioned before, traveling with a family of 5 often means that we are over-run with kid clutter. At the Holiday Inn we'll be staying in a King Kids Suites.  The bedroom area has a king bed and then a partial wall and behind the wall where there are twin bunk beds for the children.  Ronin will likely sleep on the floor. He likes to sleep on the floor. We will also have a complete separate living room area. We'll have a fridge which I totally love because that means I can bring some of the healthy foods that we like to snack on.

The hotel is located right on the beach AND has a beautiful pool area!

We'll also be just a few minutes walk from Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach! I've never been down here before at Sunset, so I'm really excited to see some of the festivities!!

Besides the pool, the beach, and Pier 60, we'll also be going DEEP SEA FISHING with Hubbard's Marina! This will be the FIRST time my trio have been on a fishing charter! We've been fishing dozens of times as a family, but only from the shore or dock. Ronin went out once with my Uncle Bobby on his boat and had a blast, but all 3 on a boat fishing...this is going to be a FIRST!! And Hubbard's provides everything; rods, bait, deck hands, and I can bring my own cooler, so again the food choices are all in my control.

We're all really excited!! And Matthew will be heading to the Dogs ~R~ Us Hotel, for puppy camp!! He just loves it at Dogs R Us!

I can't wait to come back and share our cool pictures with you all!


Have you ever been deep sea fishing?What's the biggest fish you have ever caught??

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  • I went deep sea fishing a long, long time ago, but I did not catch anything.  Frown  I would love to try it again sometime.  I think when my girls get a bit bigger I will take them to try this.  While you are in Clearwater, you should check out Frenchy's.  That's my favorite restaurant to take the kids.  It's loud and fun, so nobody cares that my two little ones won't seat still!
  • My dad and I used to go deep sea fishing when I was younger, but I don't know how big was my biggest. This is in the PNW, so we went for salmon and rockfish.
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