A WOD to Remember

I remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001. I remember what I was wearing. I remember exactly what I was doing. The memory forever ingrained in my mind.

Last year when my family traveled to New York City for our appearance on the Today Show we went to the World Trade Center Memorial and I was taken over by emotion. It was so surreal to see the thousands of names etched in to the marble and the water just dropping over in to an endless pit.

Today, on the 12th year since the attacks on New York, and Washington D.C.  I will always remember where I was. Who I was with. What I was doing.

Today I spent the morning remembering the victims of 9-11 by participating in a 9-11 Tribute WOD.

In a CrossFit Hero/Tribute WOD, the numbers signify something. Today's numbers signified a lot!

40 tire flips (to represent the 40 people killed on flight 93)
60 Box jump overs (to represent law enforcement killed)
110 Stair Climbs (to represent the number of flights of stairs in the WTC)
184 Wall Balls (number of people killed in the Pentagon attack)
343 Double Unders (number of Firefighters killed)
2,819 meter row (number of people killed in the WTC)
2,996 meter run (total number of people who died)

I cried quite a few times. Not full out bawling my eyes out, but I cried. Especially on the stair climbs. I was so hot, and sweating profusely, and my legs hurt since this was the last of the circuit for me to complete. My calf muscles started to cramp up a little bit, and then I remembered something that my CrossFit Coach (Pete) said right before the WOD.

"on 9-11 firefighters were going up, and civilians were going down.

There was no chaos. Everyone was polite.

There was no pushing. So take your time on the stairs.

Be nice. No pushing around people.

This isn't a race."

This isn't a race. What great words. Simple words. I often think that we forget about just being nice. We're all so caught up in "the race" that we forget about the time that we spend with people who make up our race team. More than just our family and friends, but those people that let us out in front of them in traffic, honk their horn as we're running down US41 (yes, I appreciate the horn honkers), the stranger who compliments you on your dress or hair.

Faced with the uncertainty of what awaited them at the top or bottom of the stairs, the heroes and victims of 9-11 were polite to each other.

And that is what is making this a WOD to remember. I'll remember how nice everyone was at my box today (and everyday) but when you have dozens of people; stinky, sweaty, some moving slower than others all in formation, moving up and down steps, with no one saying a word, that leaves an impression.Visions of men and women in my box carrying babies, and punching bags, and sand bags, and kettle bells. Up and down, up and down. Again and again. And when you look at this video and you see the man carrying the big bag, know that that is my Coach. He's a firefighter. He risks his life every time he reports for duty. He will risk his life to save a stranger. And that's what 343 New York firefighters did on 9-11.

That is what I'll remember.

What did you do today to remember the victims of 9-11??

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  • I think everyone can remember every moment of that day in history.  It was such a huge tragedy that changed so many lives forever.  Every year, I spend my day hurting for everything that happened as well as the fact that it is my parents anniversary and we always celebrated but my dad is gone and we no longer do.  I like you try to get up and move on and put one foot in front of the other, but it is so incredibly hard.
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