7SAR-Extreme Mud Run with Insane Obstacles

Mud runs, obstacle courses, and scaling obstacles are all the rage!! I do several of these types of races every year and they are always so much fun!!

A new race is coming on the scene! 7SAR (7 Summits Adventure Race) "simulates the experiences and challenges from the continent's highest summits into one single 7-mile obstacle course race, including an optional 3-mile course.  Competitors will attack multiple obstacles including Elbrus' barbed-wire crawl, Carstensz's Pyramid zipline flyover, and Everest's Khumbu Ice Fall's ladder."

Maybe you are wondering...can I do this type of race?? Yes, 7SAR is designed to be challenging but achievable for all athletic levels.  There are two options for you to chose from: A 7 mile adventure, or a 3 mile adventure.

With so many obstacle/mud races to choose from maybe you are wondering why 7SAR is different than the others??

"7SAR has several differentiators from other obstacle course races.  The real-world experience behind our founders will ensure your overall experience is unmatched.  Our adventure, designed by a world renowned mountaineer, brings you through 7 miles transformed into the different continents with corresponding obstacles, designed by a former US Navy SEAL BUD/S Instructor.  Expect intensity like you never imagined with ladder crevasse crossings, zip lines, foam blasters, multi-tiered obstacles and many more heart-racing challenges."

Spectators are FREE so you can bring your friends and family along to cheer you on while you tackle either all 7 summits, or 3 summits.

They are going to be setting up summits in 3 areas! Seattle, Central Florida, and Southern California.

And they donate $5 of your registration fee to the cause of your choice (you pick from charities listed on their page!)

Check out their website for more information!

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you 7SAR for gifting me with 2 registrations to participate in this event! I have already committed to a race this same day, so they've allowed me to re-gift these registrations. I have given them to two amazing athletes that workout at my CrossFit box: CrossFit En Fuego. They have created a team (CrossFit En Fuego), and are busy recruiting other people to join in on the adventure!

If you'd like to join in on the 7SAR fun, I have a discount code for you!! Use the code 7SARBLOG20 to save 20%

Have you ever participated in a mud/adventure run? Which one? Would you do it again??

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