Vlog-What it feels like to lift more than 200 pounds after losing more than 200 pounds

I lost over 200 pounds. Today I lifted more than 200 pounds. How did I ever manage to live my day to day life carrying around that extra weight?? It's never too late to change your life!


I can't believe that I can lift more than I weigh.

Are you able to lift your own body weight??

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  • Congrats on your big lift. As I sit here, I wonder if I could lift 210 pounds in a dead lift. I'd like to think so, but that was a lot of weight you were throwing around.
  • WOW, congratulations and what a great accomplishment, you should feel very proud of your weight loss journey!
  • WOW, Congrats indeed to you! What a great accomplishment to be able to drop that much weight. Look at you now lifting over 200lb....that is great!
  • I can't wait to be where you are - congratulations! It's not easy, I know that!
  • That is fantastic!! Congrats on your major achievement!!
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