My Big Fat Revenge-Getting Married

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I remember the day my husband proposed to me. We were apartment "shopping" trying to find a perfect place for us to live. I remember looking out over the 3rd floor balcony, when I heard him call my name. "Jen" was all he said. I turned around and there he was on one knee holding a box in his hand. He asked me to marry him, and slipped the 1 carat diamond ring on my finger. It fit perfectly. How he knew what size I wore, I have no idea, but it fit. At the time he asked me to become his wife I weighed around 230 pounds. He never once harassed me about my weight, and even after we got married, and having 3 kids, and weighing close to 400 pounds, my husband NEVER ONCE said anything negative to me about my weight.

I'm trying to imagine what would have gone through my mind if in this same scenario, I turned around and he had a ring and said to me

"Jen, I won't marry you until this ring fits your finger." And "this ring" being a ring that he bought that was PURPOSELY bought 2 sizes too small.

That's what happened to Hillary and on this weeks episode she's going to show her ex exactly what she lost out on.

We're also going to hear from Pardis. Pardis' boyfriend harasses her about her weight and she's going to demand an apology from him before she commits to starting a life with him.

If you haven’t caught the new series My Big Fat Revenge, it's on Oxygen and will be airing every Tuesday at 9pm, catch a sneek peek of Hillary and Pardis'  below: Hillary Pardis

Has your significant other ever harassed YOU about your weight?

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  • My husband has never ever addressed my weight, even when at my highest. He never told me I needed to lose weight or anything derogatory. He has always said he loves me exactly as I am, so I am a lucky girl. My desire to lose weight was always MY issue, not anyone else's. I can't imagine how I would feel if my husband did say something like that....
  • Wow those guys are jerks. My husband is a nutrition fanatic but has never bugged me about my weight, which constant fluctuates.
  • I had one person that my mother invited over for dinner to fix me up with him mention my weight, we were all eating and when I went to have dessert he commented "You are already pushing it with your weight, are you sure you want to eat that?"  My response is not at all family friendly so I will not share it here, needless to say I never dated the guy.  If someone bought me a ring two sizes too small, I personally would act excited, diet and exercise coming out looking like what they want and then tell them they are not good enough and never were to marry someone like me.  

    I will have to check this show out though I am sure it will just infuriate me.
  • WOW, some people can be so dense! I can't believe the guy int he first video would tell her to lose weight in such a horrible way. And asking her to lose weight to begin with isn't good for the relationship either. WOW, I'm just shocked at some people and what they think is OK behavior.
  • My husband never has even though I am overweight. The only time he says something is when I'm complaining over and over again and then he will encourage me to do something!
  • I have had some "reverse-harassment" about my weight.  I have always been thin and some people think its perfectly fine to make comments about someone's weight when they are thin.  I'm fortunate to have a fast-metabolism, but I also watch what I eat and exercise, so I'm not "So lucky to be thin."  "Lucky you can eat whatever you want", etc.  It goes both ways people!!!
  • The first time a boyfriend/fiance harassed me about my weight, or told me that I needed to lose weight would be the last.  Because he'd be gone so fast his head would spin.
  • I don't know why either one of those ladies would stay with the person that would treat them that way.  My husband never once said something to me when my weight would creep up - he would however encourage and motivate me when I came to him wanting to lose weight on my own. It's heartbreaking that there are women out there in relationships with men that are so ugly and hurtful to them.
  • Uhm, wow. I haven't heard of that show before but.. something tells me that those SO's don't appreciate them for who THEY are. There's a fine line between motivation and ultimatums, plain and simple!

    My weight has fluctuated throughout our relationship, but I actually ended up being the skinniest during my postpartum time after our first daughter. I'm pregnant #2 and curious if that will continue.
  • Love me for me or hit the bricks dude.  I wouldn't marry either of these jerks.  For better or worse obviously means nothing.  Ok so now we're married & I gain weight, are you going to ask for a divorce, will you use that as an excuse to cheat?  Wrong one, for a woman to marry one of these men is asking for mental abuse. No thanks, I'll pass but thanks for playing.
  • Jen
    My husband has recently been commenting on my weight, and let me tell you, it HURTS. I'm fully aware I could stand to lose about fifteen pounds. I'm currently around maybe 148 or so, and wear a size 8. When we met, I was probably a size 3 in Juniors. But I was nineteen, hadn't had kids yet, and must've had a fast metabolism.
  • I am so sorry to hear this, Jen Frown   Big hugs!
  • Brian has NEVER EVER commented about weight, however he does encourage me when I'm feeling down, gets us up and moving when I'm feeling unmotivated, and has been my cheerleader for the past 2 years when it comes to making healthy choices. He is amazing!

    Growing up was a different story though. My mom was overweight and my dad gave her (and me) a hard time about it. Passive aggressive comments, snarky remarks, etc. That kind of talk NEVER helps, and only makes a person want to dive into comfort foods. It's all about positivity and encouragement, which is why I try to spread it as much as possible! Smile
  • Grrrrrr!  That makes me angry for you Jen.  You are the size of a normal woman, children are a size 3.  What is he doing to support this proposed weight loss?  Has he offered to step in & cook healthy meals? Go on daily evening walks with you where you can both be health?   I am a former fitness competitor and at my leanest I weighed what you weigh now.  Grown women have curves and if you love you, that matters to me more than anyone's opinion.  A size 8 is far from overweight unless you are under 5' and even then if you like you and your doc has said you're healthy, what matters most is what YOU think.  
  • I can't imagine being harassed about weight from my husband.  We are in this journey of life together - for better for worse.  We are on a journey together to get healthy and it is definitely a shared experience.  
  • No-he definitely never does! We're there for each other and he definitely helps me when I'm feeling down about myself.
  • I can understand a man wanting a wife who takes care of herself, but that doesn't automatically equal thin. I'm quite a bit heavier than I was when I got married, and I'm trying to lose weight, but I've never heard anything negative from my husband. He knows I want to lose weight and he gently encourages me in my efforts to do so. He's happy when I'm happy no matter what size that happens to be. It's too bad that these men feel the need to have this control.
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