October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

by jennifer25. September 2013 15:09

Disclaimer: This Instagram #Octogram #Parkesdale photo challenge is a sponsored collaborative effort between the Tampa Bay Bloggers and Parkesdale Farm Market.  Other than prizes to be awarded as giveaways for the Instagram photo challenge, the Tampa Bay Bloggers did not receive any compensation for this campaign.

I am always taking photos and posting them to Instagram, so I thought "why not join in and host a challenge with my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers?!?!"

Starting on October 1, I am co-hosting my first October Instagram Challenge with the Tampa Bay Bloggers.  Follow each of these talented bloggers on Instagram and the hashtag #Octogram #Parkesdale.

OctoGramChallenge October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

The #Octogram Hosts – Blogs and Instagram IDs

Parkedale Farm Market@parkesdale
Tampa Bay Bloggers@TBbloggers
Denise of Run DMT@Run_DMT
Scotty of Dads Who Change Diapers@diaperdad
Life as Dad@lifeasdad
Haley of Running with Diapers@runningwithdiapers
Caroline of My Fascinating Life@carolinecalcote
Tara of Everyday Ramblings of My Life - @tfunair
Jenny of Metamorfit@metamorfit
Nanci of This Crazy Life of Mine@auntnanci
Jina of Behold the Turtle@behold_turtle
Stacey at Artsnark’s Artifacts@Artsnark
Crystal of Thrifty and Frugal Living@Latsyrc728
Beth of Making, Baking and Creating@anasilan
Lydia of Running Wild(er)@Wildlyd
Raffi of Running Betty@rafdarrow
Mindy of Mindy’s Fitness Journey@mindyartze
Carlee of Frugal and Fun Mom@frugalandfunmom
Bonnie of Not So Modern Housewife@notsomodern
April of Pixiedust Savings@pixiedustsavings

But we don’t want you just lurking at our photos!  We’re dying for you to play along too!

Everyone who Instagrams and plays along will be entered for a chance to win a gift fruit basket from Parkesdale Farm Market valued at $65.90.  TWELVE lucky winners** entered in linky tool below will be randomly selected  on November 1.

**Only eligible to USA and Canada residents.

Parkesdale GiftBasket October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

We’ll be watching for your photos from the shadows of Instagram.

Add your Instagram ID to the linky collection below. Each day in October, snap a photo using the suggested photo prompt for for that day and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #Octogram #Parkesdale.

I can't wait to see your photos!!

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Comments (18) -

9/25/2013 4:12:15 PM #

That's a great prize incentive to play! Thanks for telling us about this!

9/25/2013 4:19:20 PM #

Fun! I've never done an instagram challenge before....if I sign up to play, do I have to post something everyday? My mommy brain might now remember...

9/25/2013 4:20:22 PM #

No, you don't have to post something everyday! But sign-up through the linky so we can include you in the giveaway!

Shannon Gosney
Shannon Gosney
9/25/2013 4:35:33 PM #

I love Instagram Challenges, especially for a fun month like October!  I will definitely check it out.

9/25/2013 4:35:57 PM #

What a fun challenge! I'll have to see how many I can do!

Oriana @mommyhoodsdiary
Oriana @mommyhoodsdiary
9/25/2013 5:03:23 PM #

It sounds fun! I 'll join the challenge. Thanks for sharing.

Jesica Helgren
Jesica Helgren
9/25/2013 6:53:41 PM #

Sounds fun but I am not good at challenges like this.  I can probably do a weekly one, but not daily, lol.

9/25/2013 7:36:57 PM #

Honestly Jesica, I start off great, but fizzle pretty quickly! LOL. I'm  hoping "co-hosting" duties will keep me more accountable!

9/25/2013 10:43:19 PM #

I am starting to enjoy IG, but am not real good at sticking with monthlong challenges.  Maybe the incentive to win will keep us all playing!  Great idea!

Kristin Wheeler
Kristin Wheeler
9/25/2013 11:43:53 PM #

These challenges are so fun! Great words!

Kelly Stilwell
Kelly Stilwell
9/26/2013 12:29:19 AM #

This looks like fun! I've done it with other groups but I often forget. I'll make a note! Thanks!

9/26/2013 5:40:33 AM #

I might just join in on this challenge!  I've seen these types of challenges on Instagram, but never did one.

9/26/2013 12:52:45 PM #

Thanks so much for sharing ! Love instagram and this looks like fun!

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson
9/26/2013 5:29:10 PM #

I love, love, love this idea! If only I had more time to participate in the event.

9/27/2013 11:39:09 AM #

good luck to everyone who will join

9/27/2013 12:20:03 PM #

I love October and Halloween and I am so excited to participate in the Instagram challenge.  YAY!

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