Who am I? Genetic Testing with 23andMe

Recently I had genetic testing. I used the company 23andMe. It was quick, it was easy, and my results are making me think.

How it works

1.You go to their website 23andme.com and order it! $99.00. Super easy. 

2. Kit arrives. Follow directions and register your kit.

3. Collect saliva.

4. Mail back through snail mail and wait for emails to start arriving.

I received a response just a few days after I mailed it in that they had received it and would let me know when it would be ready. Normally they said 4-6 weeks. But I got mine back much faster. It was a 2 week turn around time!

23andMe Reports on 240+ health conditions and traits, Discover your lineage, find relatives and more!!

I have a lot of living relatives and those that have died, we've known what's done them in! Most of my relatives die of cancer on my moms side. 23andMe only traces maternal DNA. So you're getting 50% of the puzzle.

I also know that my family is Scottish. My grandma came to the US when she was a young girl. 12 I believe.

My results were interesting. I came back 27.6% British and Irish. And 100% European.


But it tells you more than just that! You can see inherited conditions! I have the variant present for cystic fibrosis and a blood disorder (iron overload). Does that mean I have it, no. I can pass it on to my kids.


I was glad to see that the BRCA Cancer Mutation indicated that the variant was absent. Though I already knew that because I went through genetic testing for that at Moffitt Cancer Center back in 2011. But it's good to have it validated.

And wet ear wax. That's interesting.


It also showed me which health conditions I was at low risk for. I was glad to see all of these on the list!


And then it tried to tell me a little bit about my personal traits. Said I would likely have blue eyes. I do. On occasion I have slightly curler than average hair. But I do flush when I drink alcohol. So they didn't get that one correct! Though it's not all alcohol. It's red wines that make me flush horribly.



I also found out that I have a slighter higher than average risk for gall stones, restless leg syndrome, Type One Diabetes, and two eye disorders. I'll watch for the gall stones. My maternal grandma had them. I think maybe my sister did too and had her gall bladder removed.


 There is so much data and reports to explore and I can't wait to delve in! James also ordered one, but he wasn't as on top of it as I was, so he's still waiting for his results. It will be neat to compare.

I wish that there had been a test for obesity. Maybe there is and I just haven't found the report yet! And one result that made me chuckle! They said I had the muscles of a sprinter! HA! I'm a S.L.O.W. runner/sprinter!

Have you ever had genetic testing like this done before? What did you think of your results?

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  • That is very interesting.  I would love to know what my health background is and where it stems from.
  • This is so neat! I've always wanted to try something like this.
  • I've been thinking about doing something like this! I'm adopted so am curious about what my heritage is...but one's I've looked up only tell you one of four groups? It would also be neat to see what kind of health risks I need to look out for. I know that my maternal grandfather had colon cancer so that's a big red flag for me.
  • What a great way to get answers! I don't know much about my history on my father's side so this would be awesome to find out more.
  • That's super interesting! I might have to try this sometime!
  • This sounds super fun - I know I would love to learn more about my lineage! And it would be nice to have some more insight on my health background.
  • Very interesting. I kind of would like to know about my DNA. The price is a bit prohibitive though.
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