October 1st

I've decided that everyday through the month of October I am going to write something. Not a review, not an endorsement. Sure that is going to happen too, so these posts will be in addition to those posts. Tongue Out

It's hard to plan out an editorial calendar of what I want to write about because I get writer's block. Often.

But there are always two things I can blog about. Two things that I do every single day. And that is workout and play with my kids. So that's what I am going to blog about. My life with CrossFit and my kids.

Oh...and of course there is the #octogram Instagram challenge! I can blog about that too! Today's theme is FALL!!

And wouldn't luck have it. Today I am taking an active recovery day and going to get pampered at the Stay Sky Hotels & Resorts. I am having an hour of meditation, a tropical island massage, a customized facial, healthy lunch, and then another hour of meditation. I will probably skip that last hour so that I can head home for my kiddos. Tomorrow I can blog about my day of pampering!!

October also means it's Pink for October!! I'll be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure THIS Saturday with my kids. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, having fought and beat stage 4 locally advanced IBD. We honestly didn't know if she'd make it. She was so sick. But she's a fighter! She beat it! And this Saturday my kids and I will walk in her honor and for all those women who fought and won, and those women that fought and lost the battle.



If you had to write something every single day, what would you pick to write about?


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  • Wow! Enjoy your day of pampering!  Kids and fitness are great things to write about.  Lots of interest in those areas!!  Great post - thanks for sharing!
  • Loved your first post - and your description of your coming day.

    Time is my passion, and so, that's what I'll be blogging about.  (There's never a lack of ideas, since everything we experience involves time in some way!)

    Looking forward to how this Challenge unfolds ... and to following your progress as we go!
  • Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Challenge!
    You inspired me to change my blog header to pink for October.
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