October 2

I spent yesterday having my blackheads painfully extracted from my nose. I didn't even realize I had blackheads. She didn't notice them either until she put me under some giant light and that showed the ugly truth! She said my skin looked good, some sun damage, and a little on the dry side, but overall healthy.

I took the kids to Sam's Club with me and they totally stressed me out. They were trying to be so helpful, but they weren't. My request for walking feet, and kind words when asking for a sample seemed to go unheard. Running from sample station to sample station, my kids were on a mission for food. But at least they were healthy samples; Greek yogurt, Talapia, and apple slices (with caramel dip.) And when I asked for help locating boxes to load everything in the back of the truck they were just randomly grabbing boxes despite me telling them exactly the size we needed. It was just stressful with 3 of them. But thinking back on previous trips, it was actually pretty good overall. No one cried. Not even me. They helped me unload when we got home. They did their homework without issue and then had a little friend over. They've been having friends over with more frequency. We had a family move in right across the street. They have 3 kids; 2 boys, 1 girl 8, 6, and 4. The boys are the oldest and they've been over to play, and our gang over there. Our next door neighbor has grandchildren that visit everyday; one girl 7 and one boy 3. And the little girl one street up. She's also 7. Lot's of kids right at the same age as my gang.It's nice. I like having the kids over to our house. Sure my house gets a little more chaotic, but it's easier for me to keep an eye on Ronin.


I'm participating in the #octogram #instagram #challenge. Every day we have a different prompt. Today was Fall. As in the season. But I couldn't get that photo. Instead I got this. Ronin said to me "mama, this warm water makes me want to fall asleep." 

Today I am getting my hair trimmed up by the amazing Lauren with New Identities Salon in Tampa Palms. I love Lauren. She does a great blond!


October is also Think Pink for breast cancer. The kids and I, and hopefully my mom will be walking the 5K at the Race for the Cure in St. Pete. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Locally Advanced IBD on the same day I found out I was pregnant with Haley.  I was so scared. She made it and I love her so much.

I'm also picking up my first fruit & veggie co-op from Carlita's Bowl!! I didn't buy any produce today while at Sam's Club so I'm counting on Carlita's Bowl to fill in my fruit and veggie gaps! I won't know what I get until I pick it up. Exciting.

I've also been reading a lot more recently. I love books. I'm reading A Discovery of Witches and Drums of Autumn. I'm about 1/2 way through each book. I keep alternating. I'm also listening to Drums of Autumn on audio in my car. I like that option instead of music. 

 Whew. I think that's it.

How was your day?





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  • Ha! I can tell after reading your post that you have very interesting kids! Smile
  • Looks like you are a busy mom like me - someday the kids stress me out to, too helpful can lead to stressful
  • Wow, sounds like an "ACTIVE" day!  I have 3 of my own so I can totally vibe with the requests that you make in your head and what ACTUALLY happens Smile.  Awesome.

    **Visiting from UBC**
  • Sounds like you are always on the go!  Very cute kiddos!
  • you seem to be on you toes Smile fun kids
  • I'm a bookworm myself! That picture of Ronin made me laugh - I feel the same way about bubble baths!
  • ouch! I have had black heads removed too - not fun! wish I could find 2 minutes quite time to take even a shower!
  • Jenny, I love your posts and the "real-factor" you bring to the table! Thanks for the reminder to get a facial... I dont think I have had one since 2009! Yikes!
  • I envy you a house full of children. I think that brings our the best in a woman. Your son looks so happy in the bath, almost 'fall'ing asleep. visiting back from UBC.
  • My days have been way too busy! It doesn't help that I have to stay up late tonight and watch the Rays... Sams club always stresses me out with Bryce and he's my only one... 3 must make you crazy!
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