October 3

What a busy day I had yesterday! Wednesday is typically strength day at CrossFit En Fuego, so I wore my lucky PR Spandits shorts. Overhead work is so hard for me, so I knew I'd be lucky if I PR'd. I know it's blurry but you get the jest of it. It was heavy for me and I was holding it over my head. I did not PR, but I am so close to breaking through a weight plateau so I know it's right around the corner!

After our WOD, I walked 2 miles with Karin. Carly and Rosie joined us for the first mile. I love walking after my WOD.

I came home, had a post-wod meal of romaine lettuce, feta cheese, veggies, and lean turkey. Topped with vinegar and oil and lemon. It was good!!


After lunch I drove to the library to return some books and get the next one in the Goddess Girls series for Miss Ella. She's FINALLY found a fiction chapter book series that is keeping her interest. Normally she only likes non-fiction, but this series has sucked her in!


Then it was time for my haircut!! I am so lucky that the amazing Lauren with New Identities came in to my life back in 2009 when I first started my weight loss and fitness journey! She does magic with my hair! I love the way she colors and styles it. I see her once a month to touch up any re-growth and trim. This visit we took it a little big shorter and I LOVE it!!

After my haircut, I ran home, grabbed the dog and my directions and went and picked up the kids. We were going on an adventure to pick up our first fruit and veggie co-op from Carlita's Bowl Veggie Co-op just down the road in Carrollwood. It worked out well because I had to pick up a medication for Ronin that had to be transferred to a different pharmacy because ours was all out!

Carlita's was easy to find, and easy to figure out what to do! I loved my first bin! Look at all the goodies I got! I'm going to be making stuffed bell peppers tomorrow night. I got 6 in the co-op and I had 4 at home from a shopping trip late last week.

The kids and I quickly got in to the fruit, and I think all the pears and plums are gone. We had the broccoli for dinner along with some yummy salmon.

And for my #octogram Instagram challenge, yesterday's prompt was HAY. I kept my camera close to me all day long thinking I'd run in to some hay at some point along my travels, but I didn't, and I had to resort to taking a photo of the Michael's weekly ad.

And that was my Wednesday.

Today I'll be working out, and then getting a massage. Smile

How often do you get a haircut or massage??

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  • Ahhh, I envy you! I´m envious of women who can actually hit the gym regularly. I and my husband have a fitness gym membership and together we´re blowing 100euro every month but we´re too lazy to actually use it these few months. Guess what? I´m stuck in my computer and just blogging all the time. I need a change! thanks for inspiring me. Smile

    Also, veggies (I´m thinking salad right now) and a great haircut sounds like a total wonderful self pampering.
  • Love the haircut and your enthusiasm!  I'm wondering what exactly a veggie co-op is.  Is it like a farmers market?
  • Sounds like a full day!
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