October 6

I am tired. After a whirlwind of a day yesterday, I just want to go to sleep.

After we did the Race for the Cure yesterday my mom, the kids and I drove up to Orlando to experience Sea World's Spooktacular event (more details on this to come later.)

We arrived at the park at 11:30am, and left close to 7pm. Remember we woke up at 5am to participate in a race. We stopped at an I-4 rest area to change out of our race clothing and in to our Spooktacular outfits!

When we made it home last night my husband had made a wonderful stew with hot biscuits. That meal hit the stop after a day of pretty lousy theme park food (and more to come on that, too!!)

I was the first one up this morning close to 8am! I started breakfast and the house slowly started to wake-up. I took the coffee maker out of the house, and we have no creamer, so James drove up to the store and got a cup of coffee for my mom and himself. I played catch-up on a few social media chores, my mom played with the kids, I took a shower, and Nanny left. Cry We always miss her when she goes! But she'll be back in 2 weeks for James and I to attend an adult only Halloween party (I still don't know what to dress up as....any ideas??)

We spent the afternoon shopping. We're planning some pretty massive home renovations in the next few months. 2 total bathroom remodels, as well as a kitchen remodel. Installing new sliding glass doors, all new flooring, and the starting phases of turning our garage in to a liveable space. Thankfully we have nearly identical taste when it comes to furniture type stuff, so deciding on sinks, granite, etc., was pretty easy. 

James has also been working on building a side shed for my push lawnmower.

I'm nearly done with Discovery of Witches. It's a pretty weak read, but it kept me entertained on the car ride today while James took us from store to store, so I'll probably read the sequel.

What are you reading these days??

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