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7. October 2013 12:44
by jennifer

October 7

7. October 2013 12:44 by jennifer | 12 Comments

It's a rainy day in my part of Florida. Here is the lovely forecast from the Weather Channel:

Showers and thunderstorms developing around 1pm. Mostly cloudy with temperatures rising to near 83F. SSW winds shifting to SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall possibly over one inch. 

Ugh. It was raining throughout my workout at CrossFit En Fuego so my post-wod walk become a post-wod row. 3,000 meters. Good enough.

We began our WOD (workout of the day) with back squats. 7 sets of 3. Moderately heavy weight. We (the girls I workout with) always have a bad habit of starting too light and then at the end thinking "we should have started heavier." NEXT TIME I WILL REMEMBER!! But regardless, I PR'd a 3 rep back squat. This is an honest to goodness photo. I am not staging the look on my face. People always tell me "Jenny, your face is always so full of expression." I guess maybe they are right! Tongue Out

After the back squats, we moved in to our WOD, a girl named Annie. Annie is one of my favorite girls.

100 single jump rope, 50 situps, 80 single jumps, 40 situps, etc....

In April it took me 10:43 to complete the WOD. Today 8:43! I shaved EXACTLY 2 minutes off my Annie time. Smile That's a PR in my book!! Woot woot!!

Felt great when I was finished. Almost wanted to do another round, but the 10am class was coming in, so I went to do my rowing.

Now with the lousy weather, I guess I'll do some laundry and clean the house up a bit. I'll probably go to Publix too for some after school snacks for the kids. And I need to write a few blog posts reviewing some stuff I did last week.

I'm already dreaming about my Wednesday co-op from Carlita's Bowl. I am out of fruit. Undecided

What was your workout today??

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Donna Ward

Woo-hoo Moment!  Wow - I have always worked out - but, not at your level! Congratulations! Great post - makes me want to do this! Well, at least get my regular work out going for the day - Oops - I have a bit of business to take care of - But, I promise I will walk the dogs, and do another 2 hours of working out!  Wow, I think this is amazing! Thank you for sharing Smile


Congratulations on shaving that 2 minutes off of your time you strong beauty you!  I am going to attend an Ab Lab & Simply Stretch class at the Y tonight.  Gonna head out for a walk at lunch time even though its a bit chilly, you've got rain and its cold in Cleveland right now 52 degrees cloudy and breezy, feels colder than that too me. Have fun shopping.


Oh I would love to live in Florida even if it was a rainy day. It is going to be rainy here too. This blog post is such an inspiration on people on wanting get my butt motivated to workout.

April Hammond

Looks like you had a great workout.  

Jennifer M.

Wow - congrats on shaving two minutes off!! Isn't that feeling of personal accomplishment so great? (:


Very nice workout.  There is a Cross Fit gym that just opened near me and I need to go check it out, I have heard so many good things.

Alaina Bullock

Wow! That was quite the workout! You go girl! The perfect activity for a rainy day!

Amber Edwards

Dang! Congrats on your improvement! I struggle so much with working out when the weather is bad. Its as if the weather affects my mood and then I get grouchy and don't workout. Blah. I need to fix that.


Congrats on cutting down your time! Our weather in Washington sounds equally unpredictable, but not nearly as warm ;)


This post motivates me to work out today! Mondays can be rough, but seeing that you shaved 2 minutes off of your time, and you are rocking your workout, makes me want to get going. Great job!

Heather Johnson

My workout today involves walking around, squatting down, and standing back up while I work at the library.

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