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Tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary. Not a wedding anniversary. My lifestyle anniversary. 5 years ago tomorrow I took the first steps that would change my life forever when my husband surprised me with a membership to my local gym, LifeStyle Family Fitness.

LifeStyle isn't in business any more. They got sold to LA Fitness without warning to members back early last summer. That could have been it for me. I was dedicated to my Les Mills group fitness classes. But that whole gym shakeup made me realize something. I loved exercise. It didn't have to be Les Mills, I just had to be moving and I had to be with people. I don't like to exercise alone. After a few attempts at finding a new gym home, I stepped outside my comfort zone and went to my local CrossFit box, CrossFit En Fuego. BEST DECISION EVER!! My box has the most supportive, kind, funny, motivating, encouraging people that I have ever met. I'm not a religious person, so I lack the community that belonging to a church can bring. CrossFit has become my church.

It only seems fitting that I celebrate my 5 year starting anniversary by stepping further out of my comfort zone and will be competing tomorrow in my FIRST CrossFit competition, The Diablo Games. I know I've been talking about it on my blog for a few weeks now, but now that it's here, I'm freaking excited!

I did head in to the box this morning just to practice some skills. Nothing too heavy. **Notice the 5??** Wink


I've got my bag all packed for tomorrow. 3 changes of clothing, KT Tape, Advil, bandaids, New Skin, my amazing new hand grips from New Grip and my cooler is all ready to be packed with fuel. I am ready.

You can follow along on Instagram and Twitter with #DiabloGames 

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  • Color me impressed!  You are ah-mazing!  Good luck at the Diablo Games, although I have a feeling you don't need luck because you are gonna rock it.  Love your blog.
  • Wow lady! I've not seen your before and after pics yet, and I'm so very impressed and encouraged! Good luck with the Diablo Games!
  • Wow! Congratulations! You don't even look like the same person!
  • Wow! You look great! I'll be checking back. Very inspiring!
  • mel
    Good luck and happy anniversary!!!
  • Wow! You look amazing. Its always nice to see hard work and dedication truly pay off. Congrats and good luck with Diablo Games!
  • Congrats on such an amazing weight loss.  You look awesome and healthy.  I recently lost 22 pounds and need to get back on the wagon to continue.  Thanks for the inspiration!
  • way to go, girl! It's awesome that you stuck with it even after unexpected surprises. Exercise is a part of you now - and you look awesome because of it. Keep it up!
  • Good for you!  You've worked extremely hard to get healthy and you deserve to walk a little taller and run a little faster!  You've earned your place!  Best of luck tomorrow !  Can't wait to hear how it goes !  Congratulations on being such an inspiration!
  • Wow...congratulations on how far you've come. Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • Congrats! You've clearly worked very hard!
  • Wow!  You've done a total body transformation in 5 years, great job!  You are an inspiration...
  • That's awesome. Good for you! You must be very proud of yourself.  Smile
  • Wow what a transformation.  Great job.  You should (and probably are) so proud of yourself.  This really motivates me to get in shape after this baby comes.
  • Congrats on your healthy lifestyle milestone.
  • What an amazing anniversary to have!!! LOVE IT! Congrats!!!!
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