I have a #GreatDog

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina® ProPlan® . The opinions and text are all mine.

I really think that I have the best dog in the world. He's kind, he's smart, he's funny. He loves to give hugs and kisses and he does his best to protect us when he thinks we are in danger.

Matthew is a yellow Labrador Retriever and joined our family in January, 2013.  The kids and I had wanted a dog for a long time, but it needed to be just the right dog for our family. We needed a dog that could also be a service dog for our autistic son. We were very specific with our needs and it took over 18 months for us to find Matthew. But as soon as we met him, we knew he was the dog for us!

There is just something so special about Matthew.


Matthew is never far from me. If I'm working, he's somehow managed to fit his 120 pounds body under my desk and lying on my feet. If I'm cooking, he's right there watching me.This is a photo I snapped of him just last night. Yup, he's just watching me.

 And in a lot of ways he's like a 4th child in that he follows me to the bathroom and will just sit there watching me. Undecided All you mothers know exactly what I'm talking about!

Matthew and I take daily walks. Most days we take more than one walk. We take an afternoon walk to pick up the kids from the bus stop, and then we take an evening walk which is much longer. We also play a lot of fetch, and he LOVES to play tag with the trio in the morning and when they get home from school. Matthew also loves to swim in our lake. But then he smells like mucky water so I try to discourage the lake swimming, but sometimes I just can't help but let him swim because he loves it so much! Going for a walk is much more fun when I have my favorite buddy along with me! Matthew does not like other dogs, so we don't take him to the dog park. He's a people dog, not a dog dog. Tongue Out


Purina® ProPlan® has partnered with MapMyFitness and created the Purina® ProPlan® Fitness Group Page to get pet owner’s more active with their dogs.  Check out the Fitness Group page here and start getting active with your dog today! The challenge started on 9/30 and ends on 11/13. There are a lot of great prizes you can win.

I highly encourage you to sign up for the challenge and exercise with your dog!





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  • That's an awesome program! My husband is the one that exercises with our dog, as I always have the toddler in tow and can't give our dog enough exertion because I have to go a lot slower with the toddler in tow. He is a pitbull/chocolate lab mix. And is in training to be a service dog too. Smile
  • My dog is the exact same way! Right down to the awkwardly following me into the bathroom - ugh lol
  • My sister in law has that same breed dog and they are so loyal!  
  • Your dog is absolutely beautiful. He 's making me wish I had one to walk too!
  • Wow, you are breaking my heart! My son has been begging for a dog, I am about to say yes if his behavior stays good in school, but we are not 100% there yet. Your story doesn't help me! It makes me just want to go out and do it.
  • Awww!  What a sweet puppy!  My dog Toby loves to run and stay active so we try to bring him to the park as often as we can - if not he is content with running around the yard.
  • What a beautiful dog! We are looking to add a furry friend to our home soon.
  • Sweet dog.
    I keep my puppy active with training and agility classes!
  • Sweet dog.  I keep my puppy active with training classes and agility.
  • What a sweet dog.. and what a great program!  I know so many dog owners do not get their dogs out enough.  Many of them are my neighbors - some of whom I have never seen take their dog for a walk (they let them out in the backyard).  And then the dogs bark the whole time they are outside, which I'm not surprised, unfortunately.  Dogs are a great incentive to get outside and get exercise!
  • Do it! But at the same time, take your time and make sure you find the dog that is a perfect fit for your family! I can't imagine Matthew not in our life!
  • The Purina Pro Plan dog food has been great. All the other dog foods we have tried gives Matthew some seriously stinky farts.
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