Jenny's Top 5 Tips to Avoid Halloween Temptations

Halloween starts the beginning of the Holiday junk food season. Walking through the stores you just see dozens of different types of candy. Candy is just empty calories, void of any nutrients, and one snack size bar can pack a whopping 100 calories. I have to run a mile to burn 100 calories. Do I want to run an extra mile just for a piece of chocolate. No, I do not.  Losing and keeping off over 200 pounds is not easy, so what do I do to avoid the temptation of Halloween candy??

This is always a challenging time of year for me, but I have come up with some tricks to help me avoid the lure of binging on Halloween candy.

1. WAIT to buy the candy. Don't buy it as soon as it gets on the shelves. Wait until Halloween day. There is NO reason to buy candy before Halloween day. No reason at all...

2. Buy candy you HATE! If you have to buy candy for your trick or treaters buy candy that you don't like!! For me, I can't stand Candy Corn. If I had to buy candy for little ghouls and goblins, that's what I would buy. Candy Corn.

3. Get it out of the house!! I haven't bought Halloween candy in years. The days right after Halloween can be just as challenging as the days leading up to Halloween especially as a mom to 3 kids who go trick or treating so the kids and I have a deal. I allow them to eat what they want while we are out walking and collecting. Then we come home, and that's the candy that we pass out to the kids that ring our doorbell. That's right. We re-gift our candy. Tongue Out Anything that is left gets donated to Treats for the Troops on November 1st.

4. Enjoy Halloween parties for the atmosphere, NOT the food. Attending Halloween parties often means that there will be unhealthy food choices. Try to focus more on the festive aspect of Halloween, the fun costumes, the scary decor! And ALWAYS bring a "safe dish" that you know will help keep you on track.

5. Wear a cute costume.  Wearing a body fitting costume can help you to remember your goals and remind you NOT TO INDULGE!! Make sure it's a costume that makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to stay on plan.

And there you have top 5 tips to avoid Halloween Temptations!

What do you do to avoid Halloween temptations?


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  • Very good tips - I totally agree about not buying it early.  Otherwise I would be eating candy corn in August when they put it on the shelves...LOL!
  • Really great tips!  We also regift our Halloween candy!  It's a money-saving tip, too. Wink
  • We don't celebrate Halloween but those candies that are on display in the supermarkets are oh so tempting!  I don't even like candies and chocolates plus I limit my son's sweets & sugar intake.  Sometimes I buy them on impulse *oops* and then leave them in the fridge till the Man makes noise and throw them into the rubbish bin *double oops*.
  • These are fantastic tips! We live in a new neighborhood this year, and we're hearing that there are TONS of we're planning now, ha! With no kids of our own, I like to keep as much candy out of the house as possible! I think all you may find there right now are some chocolate chips...
  • mel
    Great tips!! We are sending them to the troops this year!
  • The only way I can guarantee that I'll avoid eating a bunch of candy is to not buy it until right before Halloween. We also donate a bunch of the candy to our church so that the bishop can keep a candy jar at his desk to hand out to kids who come to see him.
  • Thanks for the tips!!! I need them! I recently lost 40 lbs so Halloween is going to be hard to resist Tong
  • Halloween is my hardest temptation time! All that yummy-looking candy that I do not need! Thanks for the great tips to avoid it! I have to skip the entire aisle personally or I will give in, LOL!
  • great tips! i am selective on what i let my son eat around this time of year.  chocolate....yum! we usually eat most o it, lol
  • These are some great tips, I try to bake with the candy and regift it too!  
  • These are some great tips, I try to bake with the candy and regift it too!  
  • These are some great tips, I try to bake with the candy and regift it too!  
  • Great tips. I am working hard to get off the extra weight I gained LAST year during this time, and I have been really slacking. I need all the help I can get when it comes to candy. I love chocolate.
  • Kat
    I LOVE paleo chocolate chips for a quick fix!
  • Those are really great tips. I buy Halloween candy as soon as it hits the shelves, and I really should wait because it means we eat more candy this time of year. Normally we don't keep many sweets at home.
  • these are great tips. Fourth tip is my favorite Smile
  • I love the idea about wearing a cute, form fitting, costume as a way to avoid the binge.  Some people frown on the idea of a more revealing costume, but it will definitely make you conscious of your eating.  I didn't buy candy this year, but I am worried about my behavior at a few of the a Halloween parties I have on the list.  I'm still on my path to loosing, and I have a long way to go, but I don't want to sabotage how far I've already come.
  • One thing that I think is making a bit easier for me is now that I'm caffeine free that means NO chocolate either Smile Chocolate has caffeine in it.
  • We hardly have any kids that come around our neighborhood, so we go to my guy's parents house and pass out the treats there (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and passing out candy!). However, if there are any leftovers, they stay over there and don't come home with us!

    Great tips Jenny!
  • This is great advice! I also never buy candy, because if I buy it I will eat it!
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