The Evolution of a Dead Lift PR

PR stands for a Personal Record. Throughout my weight loss and fitness journey I've had the opportunity to set all sorts of PR's. 2011-2012 was my year to set running PR's. In 2013 I made the commitment to MY KIDS that this would be the year for THEM to set running PR's so every race we've done together has been at their pace. They've been quite happy with WALKING most of the races, so my running has really gone to pot this year, but that's OK, I've had the opportunity to set PR's in other areas.

When I started CrossFit back in March (wow, has it been 7 months already?!?!) PR's hadn't even crossed my mind. My box is not one where people write down their times daily on the whiteboard and compete and compare. It's very encouraging and you just do the best that YOU can do.

I don't remember at what point I started thinking about PR's, but I know in terms of dead lifts, I started to think about it when I hit 180#. I have a CrossFit blogger friend, Lydia over at Running Wilder who commented on my 180lb picture "congrats, you'll be in the 200# club soon." And that's when it hit me, I had a PR goal that I wanted to be able to lift 200 pounds. 200lbs was just under the amount of weight I had lost and I wanted to feel what it was like to lift that much, and before I knew it, I did. I PR'd my dead lift on September 20, 2013 at 210 pounds.

That was HUGE for me. I cried. It felt like I had overcome a huge obstacle.

Earlier this week I had missed strength day at CrossFit En Fuego (which is typically on Wednesday) and when I saw the workout posted later that night, I knew what I'd be making up on Friday.

The workout consisted of a 9 minute "warm-up" of 100m sprints, followed by 5 air squats and 5 hanging knee raises alternating on odd/even minutes.

Then we had our strength work. 7 sets of a 3 rep strict press and 7 sets of a 3 rep dead lift. I went in today hoping that I could hit that 210# dead lift again.

I lifted with my strength buddy, J and together we decided that we'd both try to set new PR's. And we did! I literally shocked myself when I hit 210# and it went up easily. No struggle. I thought to myself, "what the heck Jenny, just last month 210 pounds was freaking HARD. What in the world have you been doing this past month?"

I do have an amazing programming coach. Everything that he plans for us is well thought out and with a purpose. Nothing is just thrown together. Obviously whatever he has been throwing our way has been good for dead lifts because today I hit a NEW PR!

240 POUNDS!!

I worked up to it. I did 7 sets of 3, adding weight each time. Once we hit 170 pounds we started going for a one rep max because my training partner's previous PR was 170, so we were going to take it nice and slow.

Is that crazy or what??? A 30 pound increase in 28 days!?!?!?!

I love this picture. I am in full on beast mode!

And a good PR wouldn't be complete without a video. Tongue Out

I honestly can't imagine that I can lift any heavier than this. But I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing. Which means that I'm going to be consistent with my workouts, with my weight selection, with my nutrition, and with my positive mindset.

What's something recently that you've done that you didn't think was possible??

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  • You go girl!  
    I do Crossfit and LOVE how amazing it feels to get a PR.  It is such a sense of accomplishment and so amazing to look back in your journal and see where you have come from.

    Congrats on that weight too - not an easy task!
  • Wow! I cannot believe how much you can lift. All that power must come from a place of inner strength. You are very inspiring!
  • Wow - now THAT is impressive!  Hard work, but so rewarding, I'm sure!
  • wow that is incredible awesome work!
  • You made it look so easy in that video!!! Keep on climbing.  I agree too 30 lb. increase in 28 days is amazing!!!

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