My Big Fat Revenge: Finale and Giveaway Winner!!

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Tonight is the finale of My Big Fat Revenge on the Oxygen Network. Have you been watching this season? Do you think they saved the best for last?? Bullying and teasing. This is a huge issue in our country. It's never okay in my book to tease someone about their weight, or looks. Female bullying is very different than male bullying and exclusion from groups is a huge indicator that you or someone you know might be getting bullied. I always tell my kids that friends shouldn't make friends cry. Friends should be there to support you, to lift you up, to make you feel better about yourself. Sure, we all need that friend that is honest when you ask her if you look good in those pair of jeans, but that's very different than your friend just coming out and saying you look fat in those jeans. I've been on the receiving end of mean friends, and they just suck. Get out of those toxic relationships. Life is just too short to be vamped by other people.

Jamie Vanessa


Now...the winner of the $500 giveaway is





I have contacted Angie via the email address she provided.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win. I enjoyed reading all your comments, and you are all so inspiring, and you motivate me to keep on keepin' on!


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