I was on the Rachael Ray show!!

Two years ago TODAY I had the amazing opportunity to appear on the Rachael Ray show!

My sister and I were flown to NYC. In between hair, makeup and outfit changes for Rachael Ray, we got to do a little bit of sightseeing!

This was the first time Lori and I had ever taken a trip together as adults. We had so much fun!

Being a children's librarian, of course I had to make a visit to the NYC Public Library! It was so beautiful!

Click here for my clip from the Rachael Ray show!!


My eyelashes were out of this world!!

It was an amazing experience and YES, I got to keep the clothing from head to toe (earrings, dress, bracelet, rings, purse, hose, shoes, and shape wear.)

Have you ever been on a national talk show? Tell me about it!

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  • That is so awesome! I love Rachael Ray! Did they pick out your clothes too, or did you wear your own? So fun!
  • They picked out my clothing, too. And I got to keep it all Smile
  • Ignore my previous comment... I commented and then watched the video.

    Wow. I cried along with Rachael. You looked so amazing and comfortable on stage. I have read your story, but watching it like this made it seem so much more real. Your an inspiration and I am happy I know you. <3

    ps - I guess the question is: did you get to keep the dress? Smile
  • Congrats, that looks like fun.
  • Yes, you just have to click on the link in the post that says Click Here for the link to the show.
  • Oh My gosh how exciting, lucky you.  Also nice you got to keep everything, too cool.
  • Wow, wonderful Jenny, the opportunity of being on the Rachael Ray show but most of all congrats on your weight lost....wow  212 pounds is great
  • That is so awesome!  You look beautiful and it looks like you had an amazing time!   Post the clip if you can get it!
  • Jen, I love you and am proud of you.

    I wonder if Rachael Ray would want to do a follow up?
  • What an absolutely amazing experience! So exciting.
  • What an amazing trip! I would love to check out the library too!
  • What an amazing trip! I would also love to visit the NYC library!
  • That is such a cool experience - Congrats!
  • What a fantastic opportnity You looked beautiful.
  • What a great opportunity. You look beautiful.
  • Next time call me, I am right down the block!
    I love Rachel's cookware as well!
  • Wow, you look great! What an amazing experience - I'll have to add 'be on a national talk show' to my bucket list Tong
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