Push Away the Screen: MOSI Tampa

Disclaimer: MOSI provided me with passes to all exhibits, IMAX, rope course, and zip line. All opinions are my own.


My trio had Veteran's Day off from school. After my crossfit workout in the morning, we headed off to MOSI. We went to MOSI to celebrate Ronin's 7th birthday in July and have been wanting to go back.

We found this advertisement for the Tampa Trio: Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, and MOSI. And this Tampa Trio loves all 3 of those places. We've been visiting since my trio were wee ones.

We got our IMAX tickets to see Hidden Universe at 1pm, and it was 12:15pm so we decided to stay close to IMAX.

Ella immediately asked to go upstairs and be on the news. It took a little convincing on my part to get Ronin up the stairs. He was freaked out by the Christmas garland winding up the staircase railing.

I think at least one of the kids might have a future in broadcasting. Thanks Bay News 9 for this great exhibit! My gang loved seeing themselves on TV!

We stayed in the Disasterville for a while. My trio is fascinated by tornadoes and they have a great tornado exhibit with a chance to experience what the winds feel like in a F1 storm.

Haley and Ronin worked together to try to build a house that could withstand an earthquake. Ronin just liked the shaking.


Once we finished Disasterville, the kids were itching to go to the ropes course and zip line but I had IMAX tickets for 1pm. We quickly went downstairs to see if we could switch to the 3pm show. We were able to switch, so off we headed outside!

I had to check all my bags in a locker. I even brought my Camelbak for water for the course because one of their staff told me on our last visit that I could. But they wouldn't let me. I knew we wouldn't last too long because we get hot and thirsty when we're working hard!

Ronin and Haley did the zip line. Ella is still 7 pounds too light. Ella and I did the ropes course together. Haley went off by herself and I assisted Ronin for a short time. Those ropes can get a bit tricky! No pictures because I wasn't allowed to carry anything Undecided Here is Haley coming off the course. She's smiling and had a great time!

After the ropes course we went over to the playground and then inside to Kids in Charge. My trio love Kids in Charge.

Again, Haley and Ronin got along well and played store together.

 They all really enjoyed the AMAZING Bed of Nails.

And we also explored the new to us Mission Moonbase exhibit. They really liked this one a lot, too. Ella and Ronin even managed to get along for a few minutes.

It was time for our movie, so we headed back over to the main building. Upstairs we went, snack were bought, and our navigator Ronin brought us to our seats. In the very last row. I liked being in the last row. That used to be where I always sat when I took my middle school science class.

We munched on popcorn and drank water while we watched Hidden Universe. It was a neat movie. The images were stunning. Ronin loved the remote control truck that brought the giant telescopes up the mountain side. He had read about it in a Monster Truck book that we bought at the school book fair. He made a real-life connection and I was so proud. Laughing

After the movie, we made a quick dash through the high wire bike. Only Ella and Ronin were able to go. The dude had to close down the exhibit to go and run the hurricane wind exhibit. Poor Haley. I hate that it happened to her, but glad that it was her and not Ronin. That would have been B.A.D. The dude didn't tell us that Ella would be the last one until she was already on the bike. Fail. They need a sign with hours of operation. If they have one, I missed it, as did the 10 people lined up behind us.

Ronin went first and he thought it was so cool that he was as tall as the dinosaur skeleton. 

Ella didn't really have much to say about the whole experience because she felt so badly that Haley didn't get a chance to go.

After Ella got off the bike we headed right down to the Hurricane wind exhibit! Haley was determined that she would at least get to experience that!

They had a great time together!!

Ronin thought it was pretty cool, too!


We toured the butterfly garden and indoor pond, and the trio impressed the staff with all their knowledge. They know so much about Florida wildlife.

It was time for us to go! It was after 4pm, and we still wanted to explore the trails. But that didn't end up happening. MOSI recently started to charge for parking, and there was a H.U.G.E. line to get out of the parking lot and one of the pay stalls was down. Traffic was feeding in from 4 different areas in to ONE LINE. It was nuts. People were rude. Someone eventually came over to the broken lane, and because of where I was in line, I was the one he called over. After a brief discussion, I was let through without having to pay the $5 for parking. Tongue Out They really need to work on this system. I totally don't mind paying to park, but come on. Make it easy. Like the aquarium. They have actual tellers. It's pretty simple. Or just go back to free parking. That was always a nice perk about MOSI, the free parking.

We do enjoy our visits to MOSI, and visit usually a few times per year. We like the special traveling exhibits and always attend those! Mythbusters will be arriving at MOSI very soon and I hope to see you there!!


Have you ever done a Ropes Course, or seen an IMAX film?


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  • What a great experience, except for the exiting. My son loves a day out like that!
  • this looks like a great day!!  and a lot of fun.
  • Looks like fine! We love visiting Tampa.  And I have an Ella, too!
  • Looks like a fun day. My family have done a number of ropes courses. We LOVE it.
  • We have never been here but love adventures like this!  Great way to keep the kids entertained.  Parking seems to be an issue no matter where we go here in Atlanta.  Hopefully they will get that straightened out!
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