Date Night at Takara Sushi Tampa

On Halloween night, my family and several of my friends were invited to Takara Sushi and Sake Lounge in Tampa Palms to sample their new date night menu.

We had a fabulous evening catching up and eating the most amazing sushi this side of Tampa Bay!

Our party was treated like royalty as platter upon platter of delicious appetizers, sushi, and desserts were brought out.

Without a doubt my favorite appetizer was the Ceviche. It was so fresh, so tasty, and it had a little kick that I really liked!

A close second was the avocado and tofu salad.

The children all really enjoyed the tempura vegetables!

As the appetizers gave way to the sushi platters, one sushi roll sticks out in my mind because it presented so beautifully!

I'll admit it. I ate the sashami around the outside but didn't eat the rice. Tongue Out

My favorite roll based simply on taste was the sashami roll. I loved that I could just pop the entire thing in my mouth. It was so tasty!!

Haley, my 9 year old daughter tried almost everything and the Tempura Grouper Taco was her favorite! And at under $3, you can't go wrong with getting one for your kid!

I also had the opportunity to sample a few new vegetarian options that they are adding to their menu, and they were outstanding!!

I really enjoyed the Fiesta roll with a slice of fresh Jalepeno on top! Again, I skipped the rice.

But without a doubt my favorite vegetarian roll was The Garden. Not only did it present like a little mini garden, but this little roll packed a lot of flavor that made me feel like I was transported to another world!

Their new vegetarian menu is creative and inspiring!


I'd like to invite all of my local readers to go to Takara Sushi and try out their new date night specials or the vegetarian menu. I'll sweeten the offer by giving away (2) $25 gift cards to 2 lucky readers! All you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know which item off the vegetarian menu sounds the most appealing to you.

I'll pick a winner on Saturday November 23rd. Good luck! Make sure you Like Takara on Facebook. They often post amazing specials on their FB page!!

Disclaimer: My friends and family received our food at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


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  • Wow, these all look so fresh and delicious! I would definitely have to go for the Garden Roll! It looks amazing and so beautiful!
  • Yum!  I want it all!  Buddha delight roll, tempura sweet potato roll, garlic edamame, and stir fry vegetable. One of each, please!
  • I want the Garden Roll. That looks amazing! I have to go to the mall this weekend might just have to stop by there and get one for lunch!!
  • Since I am Korean, the idea of Korean meeting Japanese sounds YUMMY. So I will have to try the Veggie Jap-Chae. Makes me wonder if the owners might be Korean. We do like to sneak ourselves into all asian
  • I am torn between wanting to try the Tempura Grouper Taco, or the Garden Roll,  they both look delicious!
  • I am torn between wanting to try the Garden Roll or the Tempura Grouper Taco, they both look delicious!
  • The Garden Roll sounds delicious, but it would be interesting to try the combinations with fruit, too, like Funky Monkey and Mango Tango.
  • it all looks so delicious but I would love to try a new salad!
  • I'm all about the mango tango.
  • The tempura vegetables! Yum!
  • Mango Tango looks right up my alley!
  • Mango Tango sounds right up my alley, so does stir fry veggie udon!
  • Saigon roll. It has all my favorite ingredients. So light, healthy, and refreshing!
  • Oh wow just browsed the menu and so many of them look great!   I would for sure start with the Mango Tango roll.... but would have to get the vegetarian roll also Smile
  • Oh wow just looked at the menu and the Mango Tango is a must !!!   But I would also have to get the vegetarian roll Smile
  • Tempura Vegetable roll! ... but everything there is delicious! Smile
  • Funky Monkey all the way!!! My husband and I love trying all the sushi places around the area...can't wait to try this one!
  • Everything looks delicious, but the Mango Tango roll looks especially yummy!!
  • I've got to go with the Funky Monkey roll. Tempura banana?? I have never seen anything like this on a sushi roll before, but I used to make fried banana "spring rolls" and they were soo good that I'm sure this is a winner, especially when you combine it with crunchy daikon and creamy avocado. Okay, more I'm hungry! Smile
  • All of the rolls look awesome, but I think my favorite would be the Buddha Delight Roll.

    btw, your photos are awesome!
  • Congrats Mandy!! You are a winner of one of the gift cards!!
  • Congrats Deanne!! You are the winner of one of the gift cards!!
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