Returning to Weight Watchers

The last time I attended a Weight Watchers meeting was in mid-2012. I had stopped attending meetings when I began to work for Weight Watchers as a receptionist. On those Saturday's when I'd be working, I'd leave the house by 6am, and often not return until close to 11am. I missed my Saturday gym workouts, and I missed my own meetings.  I just didn't have enough time in my day for a personal meeting. I was still doing my monthly weigh-in, but no meetings. Then life happened and I stopped going to my monthly weigh-ins. I haven't weighed in since January, 2013.

I know my body has changed because of the amount of weight that I can lift. I know I am bigger, more muscular, SWOL Tongue Out because of the weights I lift. But I also know that I have been indulging in too many paleo treats and beer. Undecided I don't eat gluten (except beer), but there are plenty of gluten free goodies. Doesn't mean they are good for me. 

And I miss the friendships at my Weight Watchers meetings. I will going to a different meeting than I did previously simply because as a work-at-home-mom, I now have a little more flexibility in my schedule. I plan to go Wednesday afternoons at 12:15pm. That's a really good time for me, and I'm super excited to get back to the plan.

To be honest...I'm expecting like a 20 pound weight gain from January. And that's not all muscle. A few pounds maybe. But not 20. We'll find out on Wednesday. And I'll hold myself accountable.

I went shopping today and stocked up on a lot of my favorite Weight Watchers goodies that helped me last time. Greek yogurt for breakfast. It's Chobani Key Lime flavor and is 5P+. I'll have a vanilla chai protein shake after my WOD and that's 3P+, plus the almond milk 1P+. Lunch has always been my biggest meal of the day. Usually a 6oz portion of protein (chicken or fish) and a mixed green salad, plus dressing. Usually about 12P+

I won't need an afternoon snack because lunch is so big, and then for dinner, I'll have a regular 3oz portion of protein, or beans, and a salad. 6+P

I'll generally earn anywhere from 11-14 activity points per day. I didn't eat them in the past, don't know if I will this time around. We'll have to see how my body responds.

My snacks are fruit, and I bought some dark chocolate covered bananas and strawberries from Dole. They look good and are only 3P+ for a serving. Now if I can just remember to eat ONE serving. That's been an issue recently, too. Simply eating too much. Even if it's good for me, it's not good when it's in excess.

So here we go. Time to buckle down and drop this extra weight that I know I've put on. I don't know how much I've put on, so I don't know how much I need to lose. I just want to look and feel better. And I want to have fun while doing it. And that's where Weight Watchers has been so helpful for me in the past. I just have to remember that even though I hit goal, I still NEED my meetings. They are a part of who I am.

I've unofficially started again, today Monday November 18th. But my first weigh-in will be Wednesday November 20th, so that will be my official start day.

Have you ever done Weight Watchers?


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  • Yay Jenni! Proud of you. When I first did WW back in 2006, I stopped going after a few months after I hit goal and made lifetime. And that was my biggest mistake. I keep reminding myself this time around (time #5, by the way) that my journey is NOT over once I hit goal. Really, that's where it will just be starting. I have to continue to go to my meetings that I love, and keep that accountability. I can't wait to hear about your meeting and share in this process with you. You know WW works. Smile
  • I am actually doing Weight Watchers right now!  I have lost 75+ pounds since the first of the year.  I had seen your story this year and I am very motivated by you and your success.... I think you will be an asset to you new ww group!  Smile
  • Thank you Stacy! Weight Watchers works and I'm so glad I have the time to fit meetings back in to my life!!
  • Awesome!

    Have you ever considered changing your official WW goal weight if your body composition has changed/have more muscle?  I've heard a few people (including leaders) who have said they've talked to their doctor about a weight appropriate for them vs the standard BMI chart weight.
  • I have not, Katie. That's a really good idea. I'll talk to the leader on Wednesday, get her take on it, and then talk to my doctor. My goal weight was always on the higher end of the range (I have a huge range 137-164.) I went with 157, but do think I need to go a bit higher due to my muscle mass.
  • I've been thinking about going back too. Although I haven't gained any weight, my days at the gym are not nearly as often as they were when I didn't work. Therefore, some of my weight is now fat Frown any WW leaders know if there is a way to find my #?  I'm a Lifetimer but almost certain I tossed my number when we moved.
  • I'm pretty sure if you go to a center that used computers (not a traveling location) that they can look you up!
  • Good luck on your journey. I am trying to up my workouts and eat a little better. Time to look good for the holiday parties.
  • I actually have tried WW. I did lose weight but it was making me sick by not eating enough, but I will say I have ulcerative colits, so too many fruits and veggies can really tear my tummy up. I think it is a great program and worth investing if you don't have health issues. I wish it would have worked out for me!
  • Good Luck! I have never done weight watchers - I just don't have the time for tracking calories/points etc. But having a support group is so important!!!
  • I did the same, it was high time for me to do so. It feels better eating clean and those snacks! Some of my favorite things!
  • Great job, wishing you best of luck!
  • I did WW for about 6 months after I had Jared.  My sister was considering it so we joined together.  Those banana bites look so good!
  • I've been back to WW for 2 years (6th time!). I've lost 46 pounds, back to active lifetime status, been maintaining since March - maintaining can be more difficult than losing, it's hard to not hear compliments anymore, and to just stay motivated - I did my current 2 years online, but since reaching goal weight, I do weigh in once a month at a meeting for my free etools - I think it's finally sinking in this is FOREVER, I cannot stop, it's not a diet, it's our way of life!   Good luck!  Smile
  • Jenny, Welcome back to Weight Watchers.  I'm currently going to meetings on Thursday at 9am.  I really like going to meetings, it's a weekly "check in" that helps keep me on track.  If I've had a tough week, it resets myself.

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