Getting in the Christmas spirit

We went to Sea World on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and it was cold! Christmas music was playing, we saw lots of decorations and I even had my first Hot Toddy.

Our Florida cold snap lasted one day. And my Christmas spirit left with the cold weather.

Elvis (our Elf on the Shelf) made his appearance on November 30th, a little late (normally he arrives the day after Thanksgiving) but he wrote a note inside his sleigh. The note read "sorry I'm late, my sleigh got stuck in a snow storm." The trio thought it was hilarious.

 And then all of a sudden I realized that today was December 1st.  That leaves only 24 days until Christmas. Less than 3 weeks until the trio is home for holiday break. I HAD to get a tree up ASAP and I was just not feeling in the holiday spirit with temperatures over 80 degrees.

I spent the Thanksgiving weekend doing yard work. During one of my many trips back and forth across the yard, I looked at one of our potted Evergreen trees and thought "hey that would make a good Christmas tree."

James and I bought the Evergreen when the trio were just wee babes. Ronin is 1 and Haley is 3 in this photo and we bought the tree at least a year before that.

James and I always hem and haw about buying a Christmas tree. We prefer live trees that we can replant. But the past few years we've given in to trio pressure and have bought pre-cut trees.

I asked the kids what they thought about using our backyard tree as our Christmas tree this year and they thought it was a GREAT idea. Little did I realize how much work it would be! Tongue Out

Thank goodness for CrossFit. Seriously. The tree is now planted in a 50 gallon container. And it is heavy.


I had to deadlift it up off the ground, and slide my hand truck underneath it. Then I needed the kids to push the tree towards me as I pulled it up the slope of our backyard on to the back porch. Once we had it on the porch we had to trim it up. It had a lot of dead needles on it so we worked together to pull them all off. And then I put it back on the dolly and brought it in the house. And then I realized that I needed to water the tree before I brought it in the house, so I pulled it back out and watered it on the porch and brought it back in. I went out to tell my husband that the tree was now inside and he asked me if I had sprayed it for bugs. Uh. No. So back out on the porch it went where I sprayed the soil for any ants or other soil dwelling creatures, let it sit for a while, then put it back on the hand truck and brought it back inside. Then I had to clean the entire back porch because dead needles and dirt from too much fun was EVERYWHERE!! I had to drag the hose through the yard, sequester Matthew who ended up getting out and rolling around in the muddy water, stop the porch, wash the dog on the porch, and then finish the porch. This whole scenario took HOURS.

But finally, finally we were ready to decorate it. And this is when hilarity ensued. Because the tree was growing on a slope next to our shed it grew in the direction of the sun, so it's horribly lopsided. A fact I realized when I had first put it on the porch, but I thought the decorations might help to straighten it up. Nope. But I was committed to using it as our tree, and the kids didn't seem to mind, and my husband didn't care, so I went with it. The end result is hilarious, but it's a memory that's for sure.

My Santa tree topper won't even fit on the top of it, so he's sort of laying up there looking like he's had too much eggnog Wink

It's a memory that I'll cherish for the rest of my life, and I hope my trio remembers it too.

Have you ever used a live tree for your Christmas tree?

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  • Looks great!!!
  • We use to get a pre-cut tree, but it became to much work! We now use a fake tree. The live tree is a great idea, but we have no place to plant one when we are through.
  • What a great idea! We should plant a tree so that we can use it one day! And I doubt I would be able to get in the spirit if it was 80 degrees here either!
  • I LOVE this idea to plant a tree. We often get a tree from the scouts so we feel like it's going to a good cause.
  • First I am oh so jealous of 80 degree weather. It is supposed to be single digits here in Spokane.
    I love that you used a tree from the yard. It looks fantastic.
  • Great improvising! I would love to do something like that someday. I hope you enjoy your lopsided tree all month. We just have a little 4ft, pre-lit tree that sits in our bay window. I'm looking forward to a day when we can have a larger tree.
  • sounds like a fun family memory in the making!2549924 50 When I was single I used to buy live rosemary tree topiaries. They were easy to decorate, smelled great & were tasty throughout the following year.
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