5 Reasons to LOVE the Audi Q7

Thanksgiving week, we had the privilege of reviewing the Audi Q7 for 3 full days. It came at the perfect time since we were planning a trip to Orlando to visit Sea World. 3 kids and a husband that is 6'4 means that when we take trips that require us to be in the car for more than 20 minutes I begin to panic. James get uncomfortable, and the kids can touch each other and fight. The Audi Q7 made our trip so nice.

1. Space. The Audi Q7 has 3 rows of seats with more than 144 cu ft of interior space. Even with the third row up (which you better believe I utilized) there was still 10.9 cu ft of cargo capacity behind the third row. As an active family it was nice to know that we could put all our gear behind the third row, and if needed, the 2nd and 3rd rows both fold down to provide 72.5 cu ft of space!



2. Diesel mileage. The Audi Q7 is a TDI clean diesel. And this is not the diesel motors of yesteryear. Today's diesel has a greater power density than traditional gasoline, which means that a gallon of diesel fuel has about 15% MORE energy than a comparable amount of gas. The Audi TDI clean diesel engine has achieved ultra-low emissions vehicle status in ALL 50 states which produces approximately 20% fewer CO2 emissions that the traditional gasoline-fueled engine.


3. Seat Warmers. This might seem trivial to some, but for this Florida family who ventured out on the COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR, this was a HUGE deal for us. Especially for our middle daughter, 8 year old Ella. Ella is always cold, so for her to have the ability to control the warmth of her seat made her so happy. Each of the children also had their own climate control system so they could control how much heat they wanted blasting out of their vents. It was wonderful!



4. Audi Connect. Audi takes hands free to the next level! With Audi Connect your hands never have to leave your steering wheel! Thanks to Google Voice Local Search, Audi allows you to search Google by simple voice commands, and the screen is up close to the windshield so your eyes don't have to focus and refocus between the screen and the road ahead of you. There are also toggle buttons near the gear shifter, where your hand naturally rests when you drive, so you can quickly and easily access the information you need without taking your eyes off the road.

5. Safety. With six standard airbags, a back up camera, Audi side assist, adaptive cruise control, and the parking system plus with corner view cameras, I honestly have never felt safer while on the road. Audi's side assist informs you if there are vehicles in the lanes next to you, and adaptive cruise control helps to monitor the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you and adjusts your speed appropriately. And the corner view camera system gives you a panoramic view of your surroundings as you park.


Our time with the Audi Q7 was AMAZING and too short! Tongue Out It was a nice break from my F150 and to remember what it felt like to drive a new car, and to not have the children fighting or touching each other. It made driving so much easier. We loved so many things about this vehicle.

Thanks to Reeves Import Motorcars Tampa and Audi Tampa for giving us this amazing opportunity.


What's the most important feature to you when looking for a new car?

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  • This Audi looks amazing. My Husband is also 6'4. Long car drives are not something I normally look forward to. He gets fidgety and complains how uncomfortable he is. I love the seat warmers. It is 8 degrees here today and the seat warmers would feel amazing.
  • What an awesome car.  I totally need to check out that Audi Connect feature!
  • A luxury suv is on my wishlist! Most important feature is comfort in the seat! If I start squirming around after 20 minutes the car goes back. How did you get to test this for them?
  • The most important factor when car shopping is seat comfort! This Audi looks beautiful!
  • Seat warmers? Really??? I have to get me one of these!! Our temperatures have been a solid -9 to -20 every day this month! We need seat warmers! It's takes forever for our car to warm up.
  • They had a steering wheel warmer too and I admit...I used it!! Smile
  • Looks like a great car!
  • Sounds like a great ride!
  • That is a GORGEOUS vehicle!  The design is simply stunning.  Love all the features and roominess too.
  • Wow! That is amazing! It looks like the perfect vehicle for my son and I!

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