Wise Decor Vinyl Wall Art Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by Wise Decor and offered the opportunity to select any vinyl wall art of my choice. I could use on of their templates or create one of my own. After looking over all their designs I decided to go with one of their templates.

It arrived on the perfect day and literally took me 2 minutes to apply. It was SO EASY and for anyone that knows me, they know that stuff like this is a challenge for me. But not this. I read the directions completely, cleaned my wall, let it dry, stepped on a chair, put up the decal, smoothed it down with the tool supplied, peeled off the paper and voila. It was up and done! I LOVE it!! There was virtually NO clean-up, no mess, on glue, nothing. Super super easy!


 Congrats to Tara Lynn, the winner of the giveaway!


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  • Love this type of stuff!  
  • Sorry didn't mean to comment twice - I put the info in too quick and didn't say what I'd buy Smile  I'm not sure if I can say which one - they have some great ones, but I have a nursery that needs decorating so it'd be one of the baby room selections!
  • They did have such cute stuff for the kids!!
  • Love this! A great reminder for my little guys about who we are & how we act!
  • Well, if I HAVE to pick I would pick one of the dream ones- maybe "Don't dream your life, live your dreams." o Live your Dream, or any of the others!
  • I would choose one of the dream ones (too many to choose from right now) Smile
  • It took me a LONG time to pick my design. Like 2 months! LOL.
  • Eek!!!  I've been wanting one of these, BAD!!!  Pick me!!!
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