Healthy Holiday Tradition-Veggie House

Every year I usually throw my good common sense to the wayside and indulge my children with the traditional making of candy houses. Gingerbread, gumdrops, frosting, icing, M&M's and a host of other "goodies" laden with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, food coloring, and ingredients that none of us can pronounce. They make the houses nibbling along the way, eventually complaining of headaches and stomach aches. So why do I do this anyway?

This year I had decided to skip the madness and just forgo all candy house making. They hadn't asked for it, and I didn't remind them. And then on Saturday night, my oldest daughter (9yo Haley) and I were looking up stuff online when suddenly we came across this fun photo!

We both thought it looked AWESOME and after reading through the directions, we thought it would be fun to make on our first day home for Winter Break.

We hit up Publix on our way home from CrossFit and bought all the ingredients we'd need, came home, washed, peeled, and got our stations ready.

It was not as easy as it looked. Tongue Out

After some back and forth we decided that we'd all attempt smaller houses rather than the bigger lodge.

I made it this far before I threw in the towel and started eating my house. I hadn't eaten lunch yet, and I was pretty hungry, so it was a good time to call it quits.

Haley made it a bit further with her house.

And Ella made her house, it fell down, so she made a snowman Wink

And Ronin. Sweet Ronin. He was eating carrots and celery as fast as I could cut them, so his house never made it past the first level.

So while our grand plan of making a beautiful veggie house went out the window, we had fun, no one asked for candy, and we all munched on veggies.

I call that a WIN. Laughing

Does your family make any unique "houses" for the holiday season?

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  • That is the cutest thing ever!  I had never though to make houses with anything other than gingerbread!
  • What a fun activity to do together!  And I'm sure a great way to get the kiddos to eat their veggies as well!
  • WOW! What a unique idea. I see all these made with candy and I love yours
  • This is a way better idea than cookies and candy! I've been trying hard to eat extra veggies this season, and a house would make it more fun.
  • That veggie house is really adorable.  It's almost too cute to eat!
  • That's great! I feel like that is how a lot of my pinterest projects go...
  • I love how they had the carrots cut like Lincoln Logs!  I may have to steal this idea for the next birthday party!
  • That is SO clever!  I love it!  Totally need to file that idea away for next Christmas!  We always build gingerbread houses.  My kids will nibble a little candy here and there but the once the house is built, it just sits there.  No one eats it.  I didn't buy one this year.  We made sugar cone trees and gingerbread men instead, but still they just sat there.  

    Veggie houses next year it is! Smile  At least, it won't sit there because I will most definitely eat that thing!
  • Awesome idea! We do not make homes, we light up luminaries outside for the solstice though. That is a big tradition for us.
  • What an awesome idea.  I love this.  My kids and I are always looking for something fun to do - I think this is going to be it!
  • That is so awesome. I loved reading about how everyone did on their houses.
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