Happy 10th Birthday, Haley

Where has the last decade gone? This weekend my oldest child, my sweet Pixie, the oldest member of the Tampa Trio, my Haley, turns 10 years old.

At just 3 days old your most favorite spot to sleep was on your daddy's chest (look how tired, yet YOUNG your daddy looks here!!)

 At 4 months old you had a twinkle in your eye and we knew you were a special little girl. 

By the time your first birthday rolled around, I was pregnant again, and shortly thereafter you became a big sister for the first time.

You are a great big sister and have loved your sister Ella since the minute she joined our family.

 You have always loved painting and are a very talented artist. You have won art awards at your school, and I hope you always find joy through art.

By the time you turned 2, I was pregnant again. You were there when Ronin was born, and your memory of that night amazes me. You were so excited to be a big sister again!

You have always loved to cook.

From pizza, to omelets, to pancakes, you are a curious learner and always willing to make new things.

This past year has been full of growth for you. You learned your multiplication tables, how to make videos on the ipod (and publish them to YouTube) how to do your own laundry and you have been such a great helper to me and your dad.

But the thing that makes you the most happy is Matthew. You love him so much and it just makes my heart smile to see that he brings you so much joy.

You also had a pretty amazing year on the race circuit and I am so proud of you stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to go faster, to go further. Keep setting those SMART goals Pixie, and you will go far.

Your daddy and I, along with your brother and sister love you SO MUCH! Keep on smiling, keep on hugging, keep on loving and living. I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming and I can't wait to see how you grow in this new decade of your life.



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