#NSNG Paleo Meal Planning Week 1

Since coming off the Whole 30 in May, I've been up and down, back and forth with experimenting with grains, and other foods. And I've gained weight. No surprise there. I've been honest about that. I also haven't been meal planning. I've been winging it. To that end, I've decided that it's time to go back to the no grain way of life, and I've joined a great Facebook group who share wonderful ideas. I also received a copy of Nom Nom Paleo from my friend Caroline and what a wonderful book it is! Thanks again, Caroline.

I also ordered (on Caroline's recommendation), Well Fed, and Well Fed 2. Those books should be here tomorrow (love Amazon Prime!!)

I receive a produce co-op every Friday afternoon. For my meal planning I will base the meals around that weekly produce. You can check out Carlita's Bowl here: http://www.carlitasbowl.org/

My oldest daughter really enjoys cooking. Her and I went through Nom Nom Paleo and marked all the recipes we want to try.


And then we sat on the couch with our cookbooks, our list of veggies from the co-op and the meats I have frozen (I bought 1/4 cow a few months ago and still have lots of beef) and we planned this weeks meals. I am a pen/paper type of planner. I firmly believe that actively involving the children in planning our meals is teaching them good habits for life.

Here is our plan for this week.


Sunday-Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Monday- Kabob Koobideh with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Tuesday-Kidney Bean Chili. This recipe comes from the Eat for your Type. And this recipe comes from the Type B book, as my husband and kids are type B. I am on O, so I have to be a bit more selective. We also have boyscouts tonight, so it will be nice to have a meal that cooks itself all day long.

Wednesday-Crispy Smashed Chicken with coconut pineapple rice.

Thursday-Breakfast Egg Salad.We always have breakfast on Thursday. It's been our tradition for years.

Friday-Leftovers with a salad

Saturday-James' surprise. He'll cook, and we'll see if I can eat it. Tongue Out


And there you have it.  What are you eating this week?

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  • Everything looks yummy!! Do you think you can use a blender for the mashed cauliflower rather than the food processor (I think thats what they used)? Smile
  • Yup! I use a Ninja. Just prepped the kabob meet. Worked fine.
  • I saw breakfast salad on two different blogs' meal plans these week.  How funny is that?!  I love a freind egg on salad but thought I was the only weirdo for liking it.  lol

    Your menu looks good!
  • Looks great Jenny! I haven't even gotten to crack that cookbook yet! Glad you are enjoying it.
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