#NSNG Meal Planning Week 3

I have been doing really great with my meal planning. Sticking with a modified paleo because I'm including some beans and cheese. I even managed to go two nights with no snacks because I didn't buy any!! If I don't keep it in the house, I won't eat it.

I had a special request from my husband for Chicken Divan on Friday morning for dinner that night, so I scraped my normal plans and made him what he asked for. He so rarely makes requests, so I felt that I needed to make him what he asked for. It turned out so good!

Totally Paleo. And so yummy. The curry totally made the dish! Yum.

My meal planning this week is short by 2 days since we'll be celebrating our 14 year wedding anniversary. Kiss

My fruits and veggies are beautiful and will round out my meal planning.

The broccoli is already gone because I used it in the chicken divan.

Sunday- Spicy coconut shrimp served with steamed asparagus and broccoli slaw!
Monday- Paleo Chicken Nuggets with guacamole and a mixed green salad. Haley is making dinner tonight, but I'll do the frying of the nuggets.

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday. Nothing special. Kids and James have tacos, while I have a salad with taco meat and beans on top of the greens.

Wednesday- Broiled Cod with Velvety Butternut Squash

Thursday- Sunrise Scramble. Breakfast for dinner is always on Thursday and we really enjoyed this last week!

Friday- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! We'll head out to dinner with the kids to our favorite family restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes

Saturday- It's going to be a super busy day (Best Damn Race 10K, and Boy Scout Pinewood Derby), topped off by our HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DATE NIGHT!!  James and I will be heading to the Columbia Restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, who knows!!

And that's what's on the menu this week! What are you planning??

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  • That chicken divan looks AMAZING. Im trying to find your recipes for it!
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