Weekly Workouts January 19-25

I had a pretty good week of workouts! I worked out 6 days. I'm including the 3 mile walk I did on Monday with the children as a workout. Because it was!! I did not make it to Jazzercise this week. I'm trying to walk more since I have the Best Damn Race 10k on February 1st, and the Gasparilla Lime Cactus Challenge later in the month and for that one I'll be walking a 15K on Saturday and an 8K on Sunday.


I moved a total of 125,782 steps and burned 19,294 calories for the week. That's an decrease of just about 2,000 calories compared to last week, but for three of those days my Loop wasn't pairing correctly with my H7 transmitter, so calories burned are inaccurate. But I increased my steps by 3,000 compared to last week! WooHoo!


I've also been doing the Mamavation boot camp. Burpees, jumping jacks. Takes me just a little bit of time to knock it all out. I don't track my calories for those workouts, but maybe I should??


Weekly Workout Schedule January 19-January 25


Sunday-REST DAY! Steps: 16,299


Monday- Kids were off school for MLK Day. We took a 3 mile walk in the morning from 8:45-10am, came home and got ready for MOSI where we met my mom and niece. It was a very nice day.

Steps: 20,090


Tuesday- CrossFit and a 2 mile walk.
Complete 75 Wall Balls for time.
* Every minute on the minute complete 7 Sit-Ups.

Completed in 3:41.

Calories: 505

Steps: 16,711


Wednesday-Crossfit & 2 mile walk

I can't fully remember what the WOD was but I know that it involved 5X5 heavy chest presses, and some pull-ups.

Calories: 660
Steps: 18,455


Thursday-CrossFit & 2 mile walk. Thursday is usually my "rest day" from CrossFit, but since I missed Monday, I went on Thursday and then came home and did a 2+ mile walk with Matthew.

Calories: 769

Steps: 21,297


Friday-CrossFit & 2 mile walk. Another good day. At CrossFit I made up Monday's WOD. It was a total ass kicker. It was a WOD from the 2013 CrossFit open.

Complete a 17 minute AMRAP of:
- 40 Burpees (to 6” target)
- 30 Cleans 45#
- 30 Burpees
- 30 Cleans 55#
- 20 Burpees
- 30 Cleans 65#
- 10 Burpees
- AMRAP Cleans 75# with any remaining time.

I actually made it further in the WOD than I thought I would, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Calories: 454+148 (I turned my HRM off and forgot to turn it back on until after we had done a mile, so it's probably closer to 700 calories)

Steps: 21,297


Saturday- For the 3rd straight week I made it to CrossFit!! I love Saturday partner WOD's.This was a tough WOD!

40 thrusters 40#

40 hanging knee raises

40 pushups

200 double unders (one partner hangs from the bar while the other partner does the jumps)

40 pushups

40 hanging knee raises

40 thrusters 40#


Calories: 410

Steps: 13,071


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  • I LOVE CrossFit, Heather! It's my workout of choice, and I always go 4X per week minimum.
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