#MoveNourishBelieve Blogger Challenge Week 2

How did you do for Week 1? I found the challenges to be totally do-able, which was great!!

My favorite day was Thursday, work out with your buddy's. Here are some of my bud's from CrossFit En Fuego. Oh, and I'm wearing my Lorna Jane shirt, too!

Week 2 is all about NOURISHING your body!!


Week Two: Nourish 

2/10: Go Meatless – Skip meat today! Try vegetarian/vegan meals.

2/11: TYLTW! – Take Your Lunch to Work today! Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com to inspire your packed lunch!

2/12: Write it down! – Journal your food today and share your WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) with us!

2/13: Smoothie Day! – Happy Thirsty Thursday! Make a healthy smoothie today!

2/14: Go Raw Friday! – Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com and go raw!

Thursday will be hard for me since I don't like smoothies. Maybe a protein shake can count?

How did you do for week 1?

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