Weekly Meal Plan February 9-15

This week I am not going no sugar. No grain, yes, but I'm adding in some sugar.

I'm back on Weight Watchers. I enjoy counting points and eating fruit. I've always struggled with breakfast and in the past when I was maintaining my weight (while working full-time...makes it easier when the fridge isn't right behind you!!) I always ate fruit with yogurt for breakfast and morning snack.

I'm returning somewhat to my breakfast routes this week by eating a Stonyfield Greek Yogurt. They sent me a bunch as part of a campaign with FitFluential (have you joined yet? It's the coolest club ever. Sign up HERE) and I love the Cafe Latte the best. 3 points plus through Weight Watchers and with 12g of protein, it will help me pre and post-WOD.

Most of my lunches are going to be vegetarian. Lots of salads, and acorn squash.

This week's dinner plans are going to be easy. I've done a ton of pre-cooking today, so I'll just have to re-heat most things.

Sunday- Eggplant Spinach Lasagna

Monday- Spaghetti squash for me. Gluten Free pasta for the trio.

Tuesday- Eggplant Spinach Lasagna. We have Boy Scouts, so something easy to re-heat is perfect.

Wednesday- Grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes.

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner

Friday- Stir Fry with chicken, snap peas, bok choy, and carrots.

Saturday- I'll be gone for the Spartan Race. James will have to figure something out. Wink


How's your week shaping up? Do you have issues with eating breakfast??

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