Knuckle Lights Review and Giveaway

I learned about Knuckle Lights from an early morning runner friend. She had received them as a Christmas gift and she was raving about how great they light up the trail on her 5am runs.

Surely, I thought, they must also be great for nightly dog walks! Matthew and I go for our nightly walks when it's really dark outside. Our subdivision is not light up very well and there are a lot of pot holes, so I'm always worried about stepping in a hole and twisting my ankle. Often I wear a headlamp, but it isn't that comfortable and I have to mess with the light a lot to get it pointed right where I need it.

Ronin and I went for a walk and I used ONE of the Knuckle Lights. It light up my path wonderfully!! Sorry for the blurriness of the photo, but I couldn't get the son or the dog to stop walking. There is no flash in that photo. It's all Knuckle Light.

Knuckle Lights™ is the first and only light designed to be worn on your hands, in the perfect position to light your path and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark. Knuckle Lights move with the natural motion of your arms while running or walking!

And they are VERY comfortable. Knuckle Lights come in 3 settings: high, low, and blinking! Other features include:

I have been wearing them every night on our walk and I have felt so much safer. Not only can I see where I'm going, but cars can easily see me!! And Matthew loves them, too!

Would you like to win your own pair of Knuckle Lights? Just join in on the Rafflecopter giveaway.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • I hate headlamps, can't wait to check out these Knuckle Lights!
  • We use both a headlamp and tail light on top of a reflective vest at Ragnar Relays. I believe the headlamp requirement is waived if you wear knuckle lights.
  • thank you. this sounds awesome!
  • Right now I don't use anything, so these would help me out quite a bit!
  • I don't currently run in the dark because of lack of shoulders and sidewalks in my neighborhood but I used to run really early in the morning when I lived on Guam (gotta beat the heat!) and I used a clip on LED on my baseball hat.
  • I currently dont use anything to light my way. I really do need to find something though!! I hope I win these!!!
  • I use a headlamp or clip on my visor
  • I run in the evening and don't wear light gear and I would live to try these. Thanks for the giveaway
  • I use a small handheld LED light
  • I use a handheld flashlight and a brim light on my running hat.  I don't care for either.  These would be perfect!!
  • I don't currently walk in the dark so I don't use anything.  We have used headlamps in the past.
  • Would like to try knuckle lights
  • Jen
    Right now I just won't run outside after dark.  I did for a while...then I got spooked.  I live in a very wooded area and I was convinced someone was going to come out of the woods after me.  BUT I'm doing RAGNAR in May and would love some knuckle lights to guide my way!  
  • Dumb luck!!  I don't use anything!!  I just hope that the street lights are working Smile
  • I use two on my head..and one wrapped around my hand to light the road.
  • Right now I have nothing to light up my path which means I can't venture far. Sad!
  • I have a small LED light that I use when I'm walking the dog.
  • Lea
    I dont light my way! I need these!
  • I have some small LED lights that clip to my waistband or shirt.  They either flash or light solid.
  • I use a headlamp and stole my red flashing light from my bike.  Since I run in darkness each morning, I want to make sure cars see me!
  • I use to use my knuckle lights but they where stolen from a race I did. They where in my bag with a few other things and someone picked up my bag and left with it Frown So now I have to run while it is light outside Frown
  • I run at night on almost all my runs so I would love to try these out.  The number of times I've almost broke a leg and tripped on a stick or the sidewalk is sad! Smile
  • I am a night runner - I can't run in the sun or I end up with MAJOR migraines that leave me in bed for two days, so I use little clip on flashers that we get a safety expos for free from my town - but knuckle lights would be AWESOME!!!
  • Awesome loving anything thwt would help keep me safe runnong Frown
  • I really should use something for my night runs but right now I don't. My husband has been encouraging me to get something like'd be safer, for sure!
  • I don't use anything. I hope that we have a little light from houses on the paths where I run
  • We just use a flashlight but it seems like knuckle lights would free up our hands. : )
  • We just use flashlights but it seems like knuckle lights would free up our hands. : )
  • Thank you for the giveaway! I don't run when it's dark because I don't have knuckle lights and the streets of my town aren't lit very well.
  • I currently use a flashlight but this would be so much easier.
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