Christmas Abbott comes to Tampa

Today I had the opportunity to sit and chat (okay, we stood, but really you know what I mean) with CrossFit icon, Christmas Abbott.


This was a meeting that should have happened in October in Miami at the SweatUSA conference. I was invited to attend on behalf of Reebok, but the dates conflicted with MY FIRST CrossFit competition, and as badly as I wanted to attend the conference and meet Christmas, I had personal goals to achieve and no one understands that better than Christmas Abbott.

I would often think about the meeting that should have been whenever I happened to catch a post or a tweet from her.

And then suddenly on Thursday afternoon I happened to catch a post from Christmas that said she was on her way to Tampa. SAY WHAT??

I responded to her post, and one of my friends who works at ABC Action News in Tampa saw my comment and asked me who Christmas was. I explained in 140 characters or less that Christmas is a world class lifter, crossfit icon, the only female NASCAR pit crew member, and all around awesome, inspiring woman, and she should really try to get her on the news for an interview.

One thing led to another, the interview happened and I was invited to come and watch it and meet Christmas afterwards!

Christmas was supposed to be at ABC at 9am, and so that's the time I was there too. Originally I thought I'd join her in the green room, but the news folks thought it'd be better if I met her AFTER the interview so that we wouldn't be rushed by interview time constraints. I happily agreed.

There were a lot of empty desks in the newsroom and I was invited to pick any desk to watch the interview. I picked one not too close and not too far away. I didn't want to appear to much like a stalker.

It appears that I'm far away, but it's just the depth perception from my camera. I could hear every word she said Laughing

She looked so beautiful, so natural on camera, and she had the anchor in total awe of her.

You can see her interview below.

Soon enough the interview was over and Christmas was headed my way.

My palms were sweating and I wasn't sure what words were going to come out of my mouth.

I needn't have worried. Christmas walked up to me, shook my hand, and then pulled me into the biggest hug. It was awesome.

We talked, and talked, and talked. It was like re-connecting with an old friend! Though I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less. CrossFitters in general are just an awesome group of people. We spoke about training, over training, friendship through CrossFit, and so much more. She is simply amazing.

I learned what her favorite lift is (snatch) and we discussed her coming back to Tampa and having one of her workshops hosted at my box CrossFit En Fuego. It's not a matter of IF it's going to happen, but rather WHEN it's going to happen.

I brought along some gifts for Christmas, and she LOVED her CrossFit En Fuego tank top! She even said "wow, En Fuego, that's a super cool name for a box."

She quickly wrote a note that said "Thank you CrossFit En Fuego. Jenny took great care of me." Kiss

We then started talking about the upcoming CrossFit Open, and she give me some wonderful words of encouragement. I had brought along my WOD journal, and she was kind enough to sign it for me, including some inspiration.

She wrote "Jenny, no luck needed in the open, just be willing to try & try & TRY! Thanks for everything. Love, Xmas.

I am stoked for the games which begin THIS week. The first workout will be released on Thursday!!

Christmas is aiming high for the open, which she should. She is awesome. We hugged a few more times, each hug she squeezed me tighter and tighter. If you didn't already know...she's really strong. I think she could have lifted me right up off the ground.

Christmas Abbott, thank you for taking the time to meet me, inspire me, and I can't wait until we can connect again. It's one thing to tweet with your sports idol, it's another thing entirely to meet them face to face. I am forever changed by your confidence in me and your kind words.

If you don't follow Christmas, you should.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Have you ever met one of your idols? Who did you meet? How did you react?

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  • This was so fun to read and watch! She seems very down-to-earth and genuinely nice.
  • Very cool.  She is bad ass!

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