Weekly Workouts February 16-24

I hobbled my way through this week's workouts. I hurt my foot at the Spartan Race last Saturday and that messed up my entire week. I ended up having to defer my Gasparilla Lime Cactus Challenge entry to 2015 and had to modify every single one of my CrossFit workouts! It was also "Spirit Week" at En Fuego and everyday we had a different theme. Some days I participated, some days I didn't. Tongue Out

But I got it done!

Sunday-Rest day. I spent nearly the entire day with my foot elevated and wrapped in an ice pack.

Total steps: 8,029 This is the FIRST time since I've been wearing my Loop that I did not meet my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Just shows you that I really was hurt.


Monday- Rest day. The kids were off from school for President's Day and I had family in town visiting from North Carolina, so we met them at a local park.

Total steps: 12,063


Tuesday- CrossFit and it was NERD DAY! I chose to wear my Bazinga shirt and honor the King of all Nerds, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

And then we had to Complete a 3 minute AMRAP of:
- 5 Burpees to 6" target I had to modify the burpees and did NO jumping
- 15 Double Unders No way could I jump rope and put the pounding pressure on my foot, so I did 10 wall balls instead.

* Rest 2 minutes.
* 4 Rounds.

I made it 3 rounds each time. It was hard!

Calories: 378

Total Steps: 12,201


Wednesday-CrossFit and it was color day! My age group had to wear BLUE!

And I have no idea what the WOD was. I just totally spaced and didn't take a picture either!

But my technology keeps me in check.

Calories: 493

Total Steps: 13,139


Thursday-CrossFit and it was TEAM day. Of course, I represented Team Polar.

This was our WOD:

I had to modify. Instead of doing the 100m Med Ball Run, I did a 40 second sprint on the Air Dyne, and instead of HSPU, I did HRPU.

Calories: 392

Total Steps: 13,538


Friday-CrossFit make-up day. It was also wig day, and I don't have a wig, so I didn't participate.

But I made up the hero wod BADGER. Wow...it kicked my butt! I did have to modify the 800m run to a 1000m row, but I got it done!

Calories: 560

Total Steps: 13,499


Saturday-REST DAY. But it was an awesome day. I got to meet Christmas Abbott and then spent the rest of the day packing up our kitchen since our home is about to undergo a major remodel!

Total Steps: 15,895


Overall this week in workouts was pretty tame, but my foot is feeling much better, so this coming week should be better.



How was your week in workouts??

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