Weekly Workouts March 16-22

My kids were on Spring Break this week, and our house is still undergoing remodeling. Thankfully the remodeling is *almost* done, just two more rooms (our bedroom and Ronin's bedroom) and then we'll be done!! Lots of packing and unpacking still going on, but we'll get there...eventually.

Spring Break and remodeling have taken a toll on my workout schedule, but I managed to get in 4 CrossFit workouts, spent one day at SeaWorld, and two days away playing with my kids at the beach.

So here's how last week played out for me.

Sunday-REST DAY!! Well, as much rest as one can take with lawn work, unpacking, rearranging, that sort of thing.

Steps: 16,217

Monday- CrossFit. And it was St. Patrick's Day, so of course we had a themed WOD! We did 4 leaf clover!

1 minute of floor press, rest 1 minute, 1 minute of ring rows, rest 1 minute, 1 minute of double unders/singles, rest 1 minute, 1 minute burpees jumping up to a 6" target REPEAT everything 4 times. I started off the WOD with a 65# floor press, and made it one round, then had to drop to 45# for last 3 minutes. With double unders, let's say I tried them. I have no idea if I was actually doing them or not, but I was attempting them! It was a good WOD!

Calories: 397

Total Steps: 15,960


Tuesday-CrossFit. Can't remember exactly what we did, but it involved power cleans and jerks. LOL. That's all I can remember!! Spent the rest of the day with my kids at the pool just chilling in a beach chair!

Calories: 635

Total Steps: 11.070


Wednesday-CrossFit. Complete 4 rounds FOR TIME:

  • 20 wall balls
  • 10 pull-ups (assisted)

And then (not for time) some old school hammer curls with a 25# dumbbell.

Calories: 568

Total Steps: 17,677

And then afterwards I took the kids and the dog to Honeymoon Island dog beach!



3 rounds FOR TIME:

  • 25 push press
  • 1000m row

I started the push press with 55# and did one round with that, then dropped to 45# for the last 2 rounds. That bar gets heavy fast!!


Total Steps: 19,525

Saturday-REST DAY! Well, BEACH DAY!!

Total Steps: 14,428


 Overall my data shows that I moved 110,803 steps. Not my best week, but considering all I had going on, I'LL TAKE IT!!

How was your week in workouts??

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  • Looks pretty dang good to me with spring break trying to mess with your work-outs. My week was a total flop, but if I could count my step, then I may have done better than I thought!  Too bad I ruined it with too many French fries and wings.  lol
  • um YEAH! still looks good for spring break! Mine was just ok but I moved more and lately I am just trying to *move more* because my schedule has been ridiculous. so moving more is always good!

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