Rowing my way through the Open-Recap of 14.4

Last Thursday evening, 8pm, I sat on my couch, Surface tablet on my lap anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 14.4 Open WOD.

I've really grown to love Dave Castro. The guy just cracks me up, and I think I've developed a crush on his smile. I'm looking forward to seeing what he's put together for 14.5 The last WOD of the Open. My guess is that it's going to have some advanced gymnastics skill. No idea what, but something that I can't do. And that's the point. And that's okay. I can't do gymnastics this year, but maybe next year? Yes, maybe next year. That will be the goal. For as hard as I train, I should be capable of more. That's where I realize that it's my diet that's failing me. Time to really figure out how to eat to perform. But I digress, this is a recap of 14.4

It was a great WOD to watch. And I knew from the get-go that I'd score a 60 on this WOD and I was totally okay with that. I can't do a toes to bar. Not even close (maybe that can be my goal for next year?) I can do wall-balls, but 40 of them at 40 pounds would leave me wrecked. 30 power cleans at 95 pounds. My one rep max is 90 pounds. And muscle-ups? Not a chance in hell. Tongue Out

I went into the box on Monday with a plan. I'd do 14.4, do the row as prescribed, and then continue on with the rest of the WOD modified. My judge watched me do the row, recorded my score and then off I went without skipping a beat.

I did 50 hanging knee raises, 40 wall balls with an 8 pound ball. I could have used the 10 pound ball, but I have freakishly small hands and those balls are just to big for me. Surprised So I use the 8 pound because I like the size of it. I should order myself a 10 pound ball in a smaller size and carry it in my gym bag. That's an idea. Okay, so then I finished the wall balls and moved on to the power cleans. I loaded my bar in advance with 65 pounds, and I made it to 15/30 before time was called.

So in 14 minutes I completed:

60 calorie row

50 hanging knee raises

40 wall balls

15 power cleans

but I wasn't done! I wanted to finish the WOD, so I took about a 30 second break, grabbed some water and went on to complete:

15 power cleans

20 ring rows

I finished the entire WOD in 19:18

You can see I pushed myself to 100% of my max heart rate. I really enjoyed this WOD! I enjoyed being able to complete it modified.

I hope 14.5 starts with a skill that I can do. As long as I get something on the board, I'll be happy.

How have you been doing in the games??

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  • I did the workout on Monday morning after racing a half marathon Sunday. I didn't "think" I was that sore/fatigued from the race before I started, but it definitely had an effect, especially with the wall ball. Row, no problem, a little wobbly getting off. Toes to bar, I'm good at these -- no problem, but did 20 unbroken, then had to break into sets of 5. Forearms shot. Went into wall ball realizing squatting down was going to be a problem from the 1/2 marathon, so it was all in my arms -- which were already getting shot. Made it through to the cleans -- don't usually handle a lot of weight, a 95 lb clean is a lot for me. Had 45 seconds on the clock and couldn't get one. Can do ONE muscle up, but on the bar, not rings. Never got a chance and would have been way too tired.  Always so humbling . . . . but a challenge that puts a burr in my britches. So, I've been practicing the cleans and feel pretty confident at 85lb now!  Whoot! So glad you're c hallenging yourself too! Even though I'm a runner primarily, I love this!
  • Jenny - you are so inspirational! You make me want to do power cleans, wall balls and knee raises.  Now, I just need to figure out what they are! Smile
  • You are badass.

    I didn't compete in the Open because... I didn't want to see just how far down I would score; I thought it would be discouraging after 10 months of putting in the work. Now I regret it because people like you absolutely deserve to be ranked even higher! Next year.

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