Weekly Workouts March 23-29

Is my house ever going to be finished with the remodel?? This week we didn't have contractors in the house, but I still had a ton of work to do. I had to prep the last two rooms of our house to be worked on this coming week. I had to arrange appliance deliveries. My girls both got braces on Tuesday. It's just been such a challenging 6 weeks with my schedule being so wacky. Thank goodness it's almost over!!

So how did I do with my weekly workouts?

Sunday-REST DAY!! Well, kinda. I spent the day down in Venice with my mom and dad and we took the #TampaTrio to the North Jetty Beach.

Total Steps: 17,231

Monday-CROSSFIT!! Today I did the CrossFit Open WOD 14.4 I modified the WOD after the rowing portion so that I could continue to work, yet still record a score for the Open. It was a FUN WOD.

Calories burned: 579

Total Steps: 13,201

Tuesday-CROSSFIT!! Wozers. This WOD was a foreshadowing of what was going to be appearing for the Open WOD 14.5

But it was a lifesaving WOD for me. FINALLY after MONTHS of not being able to squat below parallel, I finally got it on Tuesday and it was all because of this WOD!!

Total Calories: 733

Steps: 16,479

Wednesday-CROSSFIT!! This was supposed to be a recovery WOD. We started off with a fun obstacle course warm-up. We had box jumps/step-ups then went to a gymnastics mat for somersaults, then 5 burpees, then 10 hanging knee raises, then we climbed under 2 bench press benches, and then we did a bear climb. 2 rounds. It was fun! Here I am posing at the top of the box, showing off my new Reebok Skyscape shoes. I love these shoes!!

And even though this was a "for time" WOD, I went a little slower because I wanted to go heavier on the KB swings, so I chose the 35 pound bell. And tire flipping is always fun! I picked a heavy tire, too.

Total Calories: 586

Steps: 23,999 (seriously had I checked this before I went to bed I would have walked one more freaking step!)

Thursday-REST DAY!! I have no idea what I did today.

Steps: 13,743

Friday-CROSSFIT!! Open WOD 14.5 Oh my word!! You can read all about it here!!

It was a calorie burner that's for sure!

And I didn't stop most of the day. It was an exhausting day and I couldn't wait to get to bed!

Total Steps: 14,086

Calories: 1157

Saturday-REST DAY!! And I did rest. I even took a nap! Though I also pulled up carpeting in the master bedroom. I also went to the box and celebrated the end of the Open!

Total Steps: 11,470

Overall it was a pretty decent week, but I'm really looking forward to my schedule returning to normal!

How was your week in workouts??

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  • Jenny, you're a beast!  I love how dedicated you are to your workout.  I've been slacking lately but only because of my crazy back.  I plan to get back at it this week so that one day I can be a beast like you Smile  
  • OMG I need one of these watch thingy's in my life. I'm curious as to how much I am burning since I'm working out 5x a week and also running 3 days
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