Weekly Workouts March 30-April 5

How is it April already? Wow.

I had a pretty decent week in training. So much is still going on in my house and my life that I am barely keeping my head above water, which is why I haven't blogged in a long time. Whew. Such is life.


Sunday-Rest Day. You know what I did. Unpacking, organizing, cleaning, getting the house back in order. And walked the dog a few times. The house was still not finished being tiled, so I couldn't do "too much" unpacking of stuff.

Total steps: 14,401


Monday-CROSSFIT. A 12 minute AMRAP of:

100m sprint

5 pullups

5 situps

and keep adding sets of 5 until time expired. I made it to the set of 20.

Total Steps: 16,826

Calories burned: 483

And then it was report card day so we went and got frozen yogurt and then the kids and I hung out in the front yard while the tile dudes finished the house!

Tuesday-CROSSFIT It was also April Fool's Day. MURPH was posted on the whiteboard, but I'm no fool, so I didn't fall for it, but you can believe I posted the pic and played the joke on all my friends! HA! Worked like a charm!

What we actually did was about 20 minutes of power snatch technique, then 6 minutes of power snatch one every 30 seconds. Felt good, and I went up in weight by 5 pounds. Afterwards we did a 1000m row, 50 dumbbell snatches, 800m run. And I did it! I ran! Well, I walked/ran. First time since the Spartan Race that I ran.

Total Steps: 21,190

Calories burned: 616


Wednedsay-REST DAY I had a parent/teacher conference for my middle daughter, Ella. She's reading The Hunger Games (actually she's finished now) and there were some issues with it being above her designated reading level with independent school reading, so with my background in Library Science AND I'm a trained AR power librarian, so I felt equipped to meet and discuss. How did the meeting end up? With me volunteering EVERY Thursday in the classroom and media center. Tongue Out

Thursday-CROSSFIT Whew! This was a FOR TIME workout with a 25 minute cap!

100 double unders

90 air squats

80 double unders

70 air squats

60 double unders

50 air squats

40 double unders

30 air squats

20 double unders

10 air squats

I have issues with double unders. I did some skill work on the doubles before we started the WOD, and then off we went! I tried so hard. Every attempt counted as 1 double under even if I didn't get it. So I did a LOT of jumping because I usually have to do single single single double attempt, single single single double attempt. I whipped myself in the butt a few times and that really hurt!

And then I came home and MOWED THE LAWN!! It needed it so badly!

Total steps: 23,930

Calories: 668+725=1393

Friday-CROSSFIT Make up day!! Today I did DEATH BY DEADLIFT!!

Deadlifts are my favorite. Deadlifts make me smile. The RX weight was 95#, but we were rushing for time, so I just threw some weight on the bar and did 85#. I made it to minute 14 before I wasn't able to complete the entire set of 14 HRPU. I made it to 12. So I took a one minute rest, and then went for it again, and this time I finished them all. I could have gone for 15, but I tapped out. I also did some extra ab work and took a one mile walk. It was a good workout day!

Total Steps: 14,471

Calories: 826


Saturday-Rest Day Lots of laundry. House cleaning, and just general chores. Took Matthew on a few nice walks. The weather was just beautiful!

Total steps: 16,810

Total weekly steps: 119,904

How was your week in workouts??


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