Busy Being Fabulous

The past two months of my life have been insanely busy.

I had my entire home remodeled, every single room. Yes, you read that correctly. EVERY SINGLE ROOM.

I went from a mess like this IN EVERY SINGLE ROOM


Of course there was a TON of work that went on in between.

James and I did a lot of the "pre" work ourselves to save on money. That means I ripped out all of the old flooring. Yes, ME! In every single room of the house. We also repainted the entire interior (the same colors) and we did some major spring cleaning. Since I had to pack everything up, I figured I might as well get rid of stuff we no longer used, or needed. We also got rid of a lot of furniture that was really just ugly and after my house looked so pretty, I wasn't about to bring it back in the my nice new clean house!

I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

My house is so clean, and so organized. We significantly increased the amount of storage space in the house. By like, a LOT. It was a TON of work, took a TON of time, I cried a lot. I ate crappy foods more than I should have, and I didn't sleep well. Also, since so much was going on INSIDE my house, my lawn couldn't be mowed because I had workers using my lawn as a staging area.

It was a mess. I was totally out of control.

But some good things happened too. I got #InstaFamous Cool

A photo that I shared with the CrossFit Games went viral. I was featured on their Instagram page, their Twitter page, had thousands of retweets, and I received tens of thousands of comments though all my social media channels.


Over 26,000 likes, and more than 1,300 shares. And that's just on Facebook.

I was totally blown away.

And since I'm such a nut, I was so excited when my photo appeared NEXT to the most FAMOUS of all CrossFitters;

It was all pretty dang incredible.

Of course, I had a few haters from my past life who had to try to discredit me, but HELLO, my story speaks for itself.

And this is all I have to say about that.


So now my life is pretty much getting back to normal. I've got a lot of stuff coming up! The AMRAP for Ronin on April 12th, Iron Girl on April 13th, TNL Festivus Games on April 19th, and our Walk for Autism Speaks-Tampa Bay on April 26th.

Pretty busy.

But it's not just me that's busy being fabulous. My oldest daughter WON her class public speaking competition. She will represent this Friday at the school wide competition. I honestly believe that she's got a shot at winning the school and representing her school at the county level, and then we'll see where it goes from there.



Even our dog got a shout out from Milk Bone.


 They contacted me and I had to sign a photo release allowing them full access to use that photo. Okay. #instafamouslabrador


So...What's been happening that's FABULOUS in YOUR life??


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  • So excited for The AMRAP for Ronin and I will be at the TNL Festivus to cheer you on! My boyfriend's mom is competing so I'll be there snapping pictures!
  • pssh,..haven't you been famous the whole time I have known you? Smile  

    LOVE that you were able to remodel your house. I am so jealous. I watch HGTV like crazy and would love to remodel so many things in ours. We haven't lived in it long, but I have big plans. Now I need the money to go with the plans..lol. I'm happy for you!
  • Your house looks beautiful!! I can only imagine you are relieved to be done!
  • Wow, how awesome on all counts!!  Smile  What I've been doing fabulous lately?  Just trying to soak up all the beautifulness of life and spit out the ugly negative things, but to use everything that comes into my life for good.
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