My Week April 20-26

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter Sunday and a fab week!!

My week was really really nice!!

Sunday-Rest Day. It was Easter Sunday, so I had planned on taking it nice and easy with my kids. kids woke up earlier than normal, got into their candy, made a mess, were very loud, and I lost it. We all have *those* parenting moments we'd like to take back, and boy do I wish I could take this one back, but I can't. My bad mood caused my son to have a VERY bad mood. But we turned it around!  We grabbed the dog and headed out for a walk!! A nice long walk. Just me, Ronin, and the dog. After 2 miles or so we ended up at the park. Ronin loves jumping on things, so he spent quite a bit of time practicing his "box jumps" at the park.

I took a short video of him jumping, and you can see it here. He's really good.

So after we turned around our morning, we headed home where we just chill-axed the rest of the day!

Steps: 10,824

Monday- I woke up fully prepared to head off to CrossFit, but when I woke up, my trusty Polar FT60 told me this...

A RECOVERY WEEK??? What in the world?? But I decided to listen to my trainer, and take a recovery week.

Did take a bike ride after dropping kids off at school.

It was a very nice way to flush out the legs.  I know some people might not think of this as a recovery, but it was for me. I loved it.

Calories: 763

Steps: 16,183

Tuesday- Normally I'd head to CrossFit, but instead after I dropped the trio off at school I went and got some sod! I laid down 75 pieces of sod around my backyard. That was quite the little workout! I was dripping sweat and got a nice tan in the process :)

Steps: 17,030

Wednesday- Again, normally a CrossFit day. I instead volunteered to chaperone my son on a school field trip, but I didn't have to be at the school until 9:30am, and I drop them off at 8:30am, so I went to CrossFit. But I didn't workout. I did a nice recovery row!

Just a hair over 4000m and then I was off to be a chaperone.

I have issues with riding on a school bus. I just won't do it. So I followed the bus, and the school allowed Ronin to ride with me. Ronin has issues with LOUDNESS, and the bus bothers him on field trips, too. It was an interesting ride. I knew where I was going, but the bus didn't.

We ended up on some dirt road to nowhere. Well, not to nowhere. It led us to a stinky dairy farm.

Ronin and I were just cracking up. We were laughing so hard we both had tears in our eyes.

When the bus pulled out of the dairy farm and got to the "main road" he took a wrong turn AGAIN! Since I knew where we were going, I just drove Ronin and I there. And we watched as the bus drove right past the gate to Crystal Springs. Again, we were laughing. It was a very nice day.

Steps: 13,650

Thursday- This is normally my rest day, so I didn't feel "guilty" about taking the day off. It was also National Take Your Child to Work Day! Kids are supposed to be 8 and older, so I took my oldest 2 daughter's on a trip to the zoo!! I was asked by Lowry Park Zoo to help promote "Sea Lions Splash", a traveling exhibit that will at LPZ until the end of May. I brought my girls along so that they could see a day in the life of a lifestyle blogger.

They got to touch, pet, interact with Sea Lions, which they totally loved.

But they both really loved Gator Falls, the log flume ride! It was their first time on it, and they were able to ride it 3 times in a row and didn't even have to get out of the log! They got SOAKED!! They said it was the "wettest log flume we've ever been on!!"

Such a fun day! They'll both be blogging about it, so look for a post from them in the next week.

We picked the boy up from school, I had his bathing suit with me, and the 4 of us headed to the pool where we spent 2 hours!

Steps: 15,000 (exactly!!)

Friday-CROSSFIT This marked ONE WEEK since I had last worked out, so I returned to CrossFit.

It was nice to be back!! I did a 2000m row, day 1 of a 12 week squat program, another 2000m row, and then followed it up with a 2 mile walk. It was AWESOME! And I felt so good. Any aches/pains that I had, had diminished over the course of the rest week, so I felt ready to hit it hard!

And then I came home to this....

We had an aggressive alligator on our lake. The trappers couldn't get him on Friday, so they left a baited hook up all night.

Calories: 903

Steps: 18,508

Saturday- WALK NOW FOR AUTISM SPEAKS!! This is an event that Ronin and I had been looking forward to for a few months!

But before we could do the walk....


The gator took the bait!! He measured 6 feet 3 inches!! Let's hope we got the right one!!

Then we were off for the walk!

We had raised enough money to be in the Grand Club and Tent Village.

Ronin and Logan don't see each other often, but when they do it's just like old friends reconnecting!

They just walked and talked and had a grand time!

We even had the pleasure of running into a CrossFit En Fuego friend who was walking for Airdric.

After the walk we came home and I mowed the lawn.

Calories: 243

Steps: 20,027


And that was MY week! Whew. I was busy!!


Weekly Steps: 117,180


How was your week? Have you ever taken a RECOVERY WEEK?? What activities did you do??

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  • Your recovery week is busier than a busy week in my life.  You're a rock star Jenny!  And I'm still shocked to see how close Ronin got to that gator.  I'd freak to be that close.  
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