Weekly Workouts May 18-May 24-Plus a review and giveaway!

It was a very busy week! I loved it. I am having some issues with my Loop synching up with my H7, so my calorie burn is way off. I *think* steps are tracked correctly, though. It's a battery issue, and I have issues with changing out the batteries. I can never get the back off. My Polar Peeps say a 2 Euro coin works perfect, so I'm on the hunt to track one down! Don't forget this is the last week to join the #20X31 challenge hosted by my friend Jen over at JVKom Chronicles!

Sunday-Blueberry picking!! It's a family tradition! This year we picked 10 pounds, and they lasted just a hair over 24 hours.

Steps: 13,344

Monday-CrossFit. Nice workout!! But I can't remember what we did other than back squats! But I burned a lot of calories!

Calories: 806

Steps: 15,810


Tuesday-CrossFit. We did a WOD called "Blackjack" 21 rounds each consisting of 21 reps with a combo of pushups and situps. It was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be!

I came home from working out and took Matthew for a nice 2 mile walk. I also thought it would be a good idea to clean and scrub out my shower, but after 210 pushups, my arms started SCREAMING at me. But I finished!

I also wore my Fit Knix boy short athletic panties today. I L.O.V.E. them. They sent me a traditional pair to review a few months ago and I loved those too! I do like the fit of the boy short better than the traditional underwear, but I'm sure that's just user preference.

Calories: 948

Steps: 18,950

Wednesday-CrossFit. Wednesday is typically our strength day, and today was no different. We worked on strict pullups and I'm happy to say that I was able to go down one band width! My arms were BURNING after the WOD, but I felt strong! I wasn't able to get in a post-wod walk because I promised Ella I would meet her at the library for a school field trip, and this mama always tries to keep her promises, so that's exactly what I did!

Calories: 456

Steps: 12,111

Thursday-Indoor cycling. Thursday is typically my rest day, but I decided I needed some cardio in my life, so I joined my friend Hope for her 9:30am cycle class and she totally kicked my butt. After the second track when my heartrate was at 98% and Hope said "okay friends, warmup is now down" I knew I was in big trouble. But I made it. And I felt STRONG! I know I had more gear on the bike than I have ever had in the past, so that's a positive thing! My heartrate did recover quickly, it just got really high! I LOVE to cycle, but it bums me out that my Loop doesn't track "steps" through cycling or rowing.

Calories: 797

Steps: 10,324

Friday-CrossFit and 5K. In the morning I did Murph!! I modified the 1 mile run into a 2000m row, so my workout consisted of:

2000m row

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 squats

2000m row

I finished in 58:04 which is an improvement over last year when I scaled the run. I think I did maybe 600m or 800m for the run.

Later that evening the Tampa Trio and I joined CrossFit En Fuego for a 5K fun run! Ronin was so mad at me because I wanted him to hang out and walk with me and the girls, but he wanted to run. Thankfully some of my friends offered to run with Ronin. I knew he was in good hands, so the girls and I enjoyed our racewalk, and Ronin enjoyed his run.

Calories: Murph:1020+ 5K: 399= 1419

Steps: 19,420

Saturday- Color Me Rad 5K The kids and I headed out for a colorful fun run!

Calories: 373

Steps: 17,456

Weekly totals:

Steps: 107, 415 (wow...that's really low for me!!)

Calories burned through exercise: 4,100


Now for the giveaway....

Earlier this week I received a new scale.

Normally, I HATE the use of scales because they can cause someone to either have a horrible day, or a great day. I believe that we are so much more than a number on the scale, and that's part of what I loved about this scale, and why I agreed to review it.

This scale offers more than just weight. It is a multifunction scale which measures your body fat, water, weight, muscle, bone, bmi, and more!

I'll be honest...I haven't yet figured out how to change the settings from metric to imperial, but I'm working on it! I have been too lazy to convert all the kg readings into pounds, but I will soon....

Would you like to receive this scale, valued at over $50?? It's easy. Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you didn't win, you can order your own scale HERE.

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  • I would like a scale that measures body fat.
  • me?
  • Kat
    Way to go this week!
  • I normally hate scales, too! I struggle a little with staying hydrated, and I'm betting something like this would help!
  • Looks like an awesome Scale to have! Really a good thing to know your water % and Fat %!
  • That scale sounds awesome, but the rest of the week is even more impassive.
  • What a great tool! Thank you so much for your generosity!
  • What a great tool! Thank you so much for your generosity!
  • I would love a scale that accurately shows my bf% and other useful info!
  • I would love to be able to track body fat % to see how I am doing.
  • Body fat is what I want to see change😃
  • That would be awesome for my daughter  & I to have a scale like that!!! Not be so hung up on the weight number! Thanks for the opportunity!
  • Very cool!  I have recently started counting my steps... Our WW group are doing a trek across the country!  Its been a great motivator! Thank you for your inspiration!
  • The body fat ,water and muscle features would be awesome!!
  • that scale looks awesome.  I need one of thoses
  • Love that the scale does body fat and muscle!!!
  • Love the fact that it measures everything--water, fat, muscle!
  • I love the idea of knowing the amount of water weight, muscle, and body fat. I think that helps get your mind in prospective. Smile Thanks!
  • I would love this!  Really want to keep track of my BMI the most!
  • I'm most excited about the BMI feature!
  • I just like to weight myself, but would love to have the other features.
  • I just like to weigh myself but to have those other features would be awesome!!!
  • So cool that it measures Water weight!
  • It is a awesome scale i like that it tells you  your  water  and  BMI
  • I think the body fat percentage.....I get so upset when I step on the scale after working out hard, I know muscle weighs more than fat but stepping on a normal scale the dial just goes up.....to have the option to "see" your body fat percentage going down would be awesome.
  • I like that it measures muscle!
  • I like that it measures BMI!
  • I love the body fat feature
  • I really like that this scale measures body fat.
  • I've never seen a scale that measures bone.  That's a unique feature to me.
  • I would love to know more stats than weight, like fat and muscle composition. Sounds amazing!
  • Body fat indications.  I work so hard at reducing body fat and gaining muscles it would be awesome to have the figures to compare. Smile
  • I think I'd use the body fat feature the most.
  • I love being able to look at all the numbers together-I'm more interested in my BF% than my BMI or actual weight these days!
  • Awesome! You are a true inspiration, and that scale would be so cool to win!
  • I think that looks like a good motivator!
  • Fellow scale hater here, but this one looks awesome!!
  • Love the idea of having a sack that gives more than just the number! I could really use this on days where I know it's muscle gain, but I still get down about the number looking back at me.
  • I love the body fat estimates because that makes it easy to figure out my lean body mass for setting my macros more accurately.
  • Body fat
  • You are awesome and such a motivation! !
  • Looks great! I need a new one Smile
  • Body fat and muscle! How cool!

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