Life of Pi

I just watched "Life of Pi" for about the 13th time. There is something about that movie, it just never get's old for me and brings a tear or two to my eyes every time I watch it. I truly love "The Empire Strikes Back" but I think "Life of Pi" beats it as my favorite movie.

Pi is a very interesting character. He has explored most of the major religions. He was Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist all at the same time.

At the end of the movie you realize that there are two very different versions of his story as a ship wreck survivor. Each story explained his ship wreck experience in a very unique and different way.

Maybe I'm a little slow on certain things but the hidden message in this movie really hit me hard just now. The movie is explaining how Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Pantheism, Paganism and all the other religions are telling a very different story about the same fundamental truths. They are all trying to explain, in many different languages, that we are all ship wrecked together here on planet earth and need to learn to get along with each other before we kill each other, and probably kill the whole entire planet in the process.

In some ways Pi reminds me of myself. When I was in the military (during the training parts of it) they had this rule that you had to clean toilets on Sunday if you didn't attend a religious service. I hated cleaning toilets and was on a very large military base so I would find a different church to go to every single Sunday. Sometimes I would go to two of them. It took me a while to process and digest it all but I learned so much about religion through those experiences. It's got to be one of the healthiest things I have ever done for myself and I encourage everyone to try something like it.

I'm simultaneously creating two very different websites right now and sort of switching back and forth depending on my mood. I think I have some good content for my "church-temple" website which will be recycled from this post here.

I'm just curious, was anyone else touched by this movie in a similar way as myself? I'd love to hear your thoughts through a comment on this post.

If you are too embarrassed to post openly, then use the contact form and we can go from there. It would really help me with content for my website and maybe make the world a little bit better place in the process.

Thanks for listening,

James (AKA Jimmy) 


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  • Thanks for sharing, James. I love your story about cleaning the toilets. I'm not sure this movie spoke to me in the way that it did for you, but I do understand where you are going with the idea about how we all need to get along.  That is a fundamental truth and it is too bad that so many people don't get it.
  • I really liked this movie.  It's on HBO right now and I started to watch it again this morning.  I really like your interpretation, although I didn't quite analyze it the same.  I'm not very philosophical.  I just take it as entertainment value, but your ideas are very enlightening.  
  • When I went through my Methodist confirmation, the minister had us explore all of the different religions. He wanted us to be exposed to different ideas and viewpoints and form our own opinions. This sounds similar to the process you went through.

    At the time, I didn't appreciate what he was doing. Now I look back and I am glad that I learned about different religions.
  • I love when i see others pursuing truth.  Although I'm a firm believer in only 1 way to Heaven, I love the debates that ensue when others are looking for answers.  And yes, I sometimes look into movies, media and music to see what the back story and where the directors world view is based.
  • I haven't seen this movie, but it sounds like one I would enjoy watching.  I do love learning about different religions and how things are done in other places.  

    Some of my favorite classes in college were the ones that made you think and really explore the differences.  I am thinking I am going to be renting this movie soon.
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