Weekly Workouts, dealing with an injury, and other stuff June 22-28

Wow. What a week it was. My girls left for summer camp on Sunday June 22nd. They were gone for the entire week!!

They were so happy when I dropped them off! They couldn't wait for all the Girl Scout fun to begin!!

I did miss them while they were gone, but it wasn't all peaches and cream for Miss Ella while she was away. She lost part of her braces, and she also got pushed by one of her fellow campers because she was annoying. She ended up with a big bump behind her ear, and still now, 4 days later she is still bruised and has a big bump. While they were gone, Ronin went to a swimming summer camp. He had a few bumps in the road too but overall had a successful week. He didn't go to camp on Friday because I took him to the beach, but we'll get to that later in the post.

So how did my week in workouts go?? Not too bad, although I was hurt with the Plantar Fasciitis so I had to modify a lot of movements in my WOD's.

I'm also treking right along in my June step challenge. 500,000 steps in June is my goal, and I'm currently at 497,052, with a few more hours left in the day today, and all day tomorrow. I'll make it.


Sunday-REST DAY! I took the girls to Girl Scouts later in the afternoon and then later that day I just chilled out with my husband and Ronin. I did some laundry, cooked some food, nothing too exciting.

Steps: 15,358

Monday-CrossFit!  We are in week 9 (at least I'm pretty sure it's week 9...it might be week 10) of our 12 week squat program. We always do back squats on Monday and today's % was 6-8 X3 @ 84%. I can hold a butt load (see how I did that...I'm clever with words Tongue Out) of weight up and my shoulders and squat down, but I can't break parallel, so I'm more concerned with a lighter load and PROPER form, so I did a back squat weight at 89 pounds. It felt okay. I felt a little twinge in my left knee, but just chalked it up to normal aches and pains and ignored it and pushed through. Bad move as you'll read later in my weekly summary.

1000m Row (subbed for 800m run) finished in 4:57

50 wall balls

1000m Row finished in 5:04

Total time: 14:53

And then I came home and mowed the lawn.

Calories: 1285

Steps: 24,333



Tuesday-CrossFit. Today we did a WOD named "The Ghost."

The Ghost

6 rounds of:
1 minute of rowing
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute rest

Try for as many reps as possible of EACH exercise, not just total score. Post separate totals of calories rowed, burpee reps and double-under reps completed to comments.

Whew. Got that? Okay, so I was hurting by Tuesday. My knee and my PF were SCREAMING at me. I had to modify the burpees, to do box burpees (so instead of going to the floor, I stopped on a 14" box, did my pushup, then completed the burpee) and jump ropes were modified by slam balls. I'm pretty confident that my score was the lowest in the gym since singles and doubles can really raise the overall total reps. My rowing and burpees were pretty on target with the rest of my box, but where people were averaging 40-75 jumps in that minute, I was hitting 20-24 slam balls. But it's not about them, it's about ME and what I can do. So my total score was 265. I'm okay with that.

Pretty sure I walked a mile or two afterwards.

Calories: 519

Steps: 13,644

Wednesday-CrossFit.  Having the girls gone was very nice. I'm not ashamed to admit it. IT WAS NICE!! There was virtually no fighting going on in my house. My son got a lot of 1:1 attention. However I did notice that although I had less dishes, there was still laundry being thrown all over the living room, and string cheese wrappers left on the floor.

Today's WOD was a good strength day! We did EMOM 2 power snatches for 8 minutes. I did 55#. Then we did another EMOM  2 power cleans. For the first 7 sets I did 65# and the last set I did 70#. Afterwards, not for time, we did 75 weighted sit-ups. I held a 25# bar for the sit-ups. And then we walked. Can't remember how far. At least a mile.

Later that night I took Ronin to PDQ Wesley Chapel for a fundraiser for the Danny Did Foundation. My friend Denise, from RUNDMT is raising money to run in the Chicago Marathon on behalf of the Foundation.

Ronin had a blast eating, cutting fries, and making a milkshake.

It was a great night!!

Calories: 684

Steps: 15,792

Thursday-CROSSFIT. I walked into the box today. H.U.R.T. While I had been feeling a twinge of pain in my knee since last week, and then again on Monday during back squats, it was quite sore today. Our front squat program was designed today to have us build to a new one rep max. I knew right away that I wasn't going to be able to do it. Little did I know that I was not even going to finish the workout. I started off warming up with 35# and when I broke parallel, I felt a pretty nice PANG in my left knee. I kept going. I went up and did 5 sets at 45#, 5 sets at 65#, 5 sets at 75#, and when I got to 85#, I nearly collapsed. Thankfully my 2 friends that I was working out with must have noticed my distress, saw the look on pain on my face because they both were at my side within seconds, each one grabbing one side of the bar, and they both said at the same time "Jenny, you're done." And they were right. I was DONE! My knee hurt so badly. I went and rolled it out, and then totally modified the WOD. I can't even remember what the "real" WOD was, but I modified to 3 ring pull ups, 5 clean & jerk at 45#, and 7 plate steps ups. I used 2 stacked 45# plates. It still hurt. I should have probably JUST STOPPED, but sometimes I'm a jackass.

I ended up spending most of that night in tears, popping Ibuprofen, and icing my left knee, while wearing my boot on my right foot.

Calories: 525

Steps: 15,678

Friday-REST DAY!! After the week I had, I decided that I would take a much deserved rest day. Ronin and I had already planned to go to the beach, but first we thought I'd workout and he'd go to camp for a few hours. Change of plans!! We decided to go bright and early. And it was lovely!!

Taking a proper rest day did wonders for my mind, and body. And don't worry, I didn't leave that sand on my legs, so no weird tan lines.

Steps: 16,913

Saturday-REST DAY!! I took another rest day. It was great. I had to pick the girls up from camp at 10am, and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing their camp laundry, cleaning, and just moseying about the house.


Overall my week was full of ups and downs. I wasn't able to hit my monthly step goal by Friday like I thought I would, but I'm so a-okay with that.

I did walk 112,608 steps this week, and although my Loop data says that I spent a lot of time sitting down, it only gave me ONE inactivity alert.

How was your week? Have you ever had to take multiple rest days to recover from an injury??

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  • I love the idea of adding up the steps for the whole month.  what a great way to get the long view!  Sorry you had some down days but love the fact you got to spend the day at the beach!  Sounds awesome!
  • Wow, if I don't feel like a lazy butt now! Even with injuries you pushed on through! Way to go! I need to get my butt in gear!
  • I so need to start doing this.  You are a great motivation and I need to strap my fitbit back on and start getting those steps in!

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