Happy 8th Birthday, Ronin

Dear Ronin,

When you wake up tomorrow morning you will be 8 years old. Wow. 8. As Ella says, "you are taking my 8, just as I took Haley's 9."

8 is a big deal. You'll be entering 3rd grade in less than a month. You're going to start getting "real grades" in school. Probably lots of homework, too.

This past year we watched as you flourished in Cub Scouts. You are now officially a BEAR!!And this year in scouting you will learn all sorts of important skills that will enable you to be able to graduate to Webelos which means you can go CAMPING without mama or daddy. I know how excited you are to be able to do that!!

My biggest piece of advice for you, my sweet son, is to be patient. Patient with yourself, patient with your daddy, patient with your sisters, your dog, and me, your mama.

You are a good boy, a kind boy, and you hold a very special place in my heart. I can't wait to see how you are going to grow, mature, and flourish in your 8th year.

I love you,


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